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What I understand about apprenticeships...

Clare Bryan-Wright

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Apprenticeships

What I understand...
Designed by employers for employment
Low risk/low cost route to a trained and skilled workforce which embeds a training culture and meets the specific need of that business
Training is paid for (depending on age) by the National Apprentice Service
Can select and recruit own apprentice to get the right 'business/culture fit'
Enhances the talent pool and can assist with succession planning
Can assist with improvement, expansion or survival plans
Provides transferable skills eg English, Maths, I.T. and Communication
So what's in it for Employers?
From the individual's perspective...
Apprenticeships are a growing business and have huge advantages for both employers and also the individual

The Government has a huge interest and focus on apprenticeships and there is expanding government funding for people to a take advantage of these opportunities to enhance their careers.
In conclusion -

Apprentices earn a minimum £2.70 per hour whilst they are gaining work experience, qualifications and skills
Off the job training is a requirement - working towards a nationally recognised qualification
Open to over 16 year olds
Different entry requirements depending on the level of the apprenticeship
Employment is for at least 30 hours per week
An apprenticeship agreement must be signed by both parties
Government aim's are to develop a competent and skilled workforce for the 21st century

Barnsley college has 35 apprenticeship programmes with 10 in Business

Measures of a successful apprenticeship are timescales, retention and achievement

The key to getting a successful application is giving the right advice in conjunction with the Employer Responsiveness Unit
A competencies qualification linked to the relevant framework
A technical knowledge qualification to demonstrate:
Achievement of the technical skill
An understanding of theoretical concepts & the relevant industry
Either KEY skills:
eg working in teams, problem solving, communication, I.T.

or FUNCTIONAL skills: eg Maths and English

or a GCSE with enhanced content eg Maths or English
'Learn while they earn' and obtain transferable skills

Can boost self-esteem and confidence because learning
is in a safe environment

More cost effective option versus University

Will be competitive in the job market and offers
job opportunities that might otherwise not be there.
Extensive commercial experience to gain credibility with the
employer and the apprentice with ability to really understand and deliver
what is required by both parties. I will have been on both sides of the 'fence'.

Transferable skills from my teaching placement eg assessing to Btec standards, quality systems, equal opportunities alongside experience of working in various industries including retail, manufacturing, financial services, recruitment

Ability to communicate succinctly and at the right level for the target audience and have an understanding of different cultures. I view each person as an individual with their own unique needs

I will be proactive in promoting other programmes and ensuring that the college maintains it's outstanding Ofsted status

Flexibility and ability to differentiate approach towards learners and employers

I believe continuing professional development is vital to be successful

I am a team player but am competent in managing my own time and work load
HOLT REPORT, May 2012:

Communication - raising awareness of the benefits of apprenticeships
Empowerment - SME's to get the best from their training providers
Simplification - ownership and responsibility for the apprenticeships programmes and removing barriers
Plan to expand the numbers of adult apprenticeships
available to 75,000 by 2015, during this time 200,000 adults will start an apprenticeship.

£605 million will be invested into these plans including fully funded training for those aged 19 - 24 to undertake their first level 2 or 3 qualification

There is increased demand for skilled business & admin staff and by 2014 the demand will be up to 1.2 million administrators across the UK
(Apprenticeship Frameworks online, 5/9/12)
The basics.....
Apprentices are expected to work
holistically on their portfolio
Have frameworks with
3 strands......
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