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Austin's Leaning Tower of pisa

No description

cheryl manley

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Austin's Leaning Tower of pisa

Austin's leaning Tower of Pisa The leaning Tower of Pisa is in the city of Pias It is the 3rd Oldese structure in Pisa cathedral squre It is none world wide for it's tilt to one side. The tower began to tilt while it was built due to inadequate foundation. The ground was to soft to support the structure. On the low Side 55.86m on the height side 4.o9m on the low side it's 4.09m on the and by feet it's 13.49 and on the height side it's 55.86 and by feet it is 13.42ft they stated at august 9 1173 they stated in august 9th 1179 and it took 334 years to build it and the finished in 1503 the leaning Tower of pisa is in pisa the leaning tower pisa is made of marele so it is strong there was about 600 architects for the leaning Tower of pisa thank you for waching by Austin
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