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Ideal Parent

No description

Farwa Naeem

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Ideal Parent

Personality Trait Honest Skills Education University degree Don't lie Admit their mistake Respectful Respect others , family and friends Loving My kids will be able to trust me My kids will know that I am always there for them It will motivate my children to a university degree as well Teacher I will be able to help my children with their homework, and preparing for tests Time Management : Roles of Parents going to work
doing chores
cooking food Provide transportation for their
maintain household
watch over their kids education Child's duty Respect others
to be well-behaved
to do well in school
to always tell the truth What makes me a...... LIFESTYLE- HOBBIES Baking
Listening to music Parenting Style - Authoritative Establish rules
Responsive to children
Loving Characteristics Not be afraid of sharing problems with parents
Their opinions matter What the child will learn My religion is Islam and I would want my child to follow it as well
I would want my child to be religious just like me and I would want them to participate in religious activities such as; Religion Capable Parent Praying 5 times a day Reading the holy book I would take them to pilgrimage Household skills I would pass on my household skills to my kids
such as ; TALENTS Playing piano PAINTING Cooking Washing the dishes Cleaning the house I will teach To manage their time accordingly Study for tests and do
assignments beforehand Thank you :)
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