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Miniature Schnauzer (:

All about the selective breeding of Minature Schnauzers.

Ale Benavides

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Miniature Schnauzer (:

I All About... Miniature Schnauzers American
Club Rank: 11 Affenpinscher Standard Schnauzer Toy Poodle Bred from the Affenpinscher,
the Standard Schnauzer, and possibly a
Toy Poodle. 12-14in. tall
sturdily built
Who bred this breed and
why was it bred? Original Funtion: Today's Function: Ratting Earth-dog trials AKC Rank Bred in Germany during the
1800's. Physical Characteristics Temperament Upkeeps Excercise requirements met with:
-moderate walks on leash
-good game in the yard
Health Concerns Typical Health Problems Urolithiasis
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
Follicular Dermatitis
Esophageal Achalasia
Suggested Health Tests Eye tests
DNA test for vWD
(Von Willebrand Disease) Life Span 12-14 years Other Info They don't shed dander, therefore they're hypoallergenic
Named after an actual dog named 'Schnauzer' who lived in Germany in the 1870's
Schnauzer means 'small beard' in German playful
alert and spunky
well-manered house dog and companiable
less-dog aggressive than most terriers
clever and very stubborn
enjoy being with children
some may bark a lot
live in warm-temperate climates
combing once or twice a week
scissoring and shaping monthly Hard, wiry undercoat
black, salt and pepper, and white Thanks for Watching!!:)
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