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Problem of Practice EDU 7173

No description

Amy Nail

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Problem of Practice EDU 7173

What's below the surface? Strategic Plan Details Increase teachers' ability to diagnose and address reading delays Evidence of Progress
Toward Reading Score Improvement Defining & Addressing
A Problem of Practice The 3rd & 4th Grade Reading Slump Evidence of Problem of Practice Students in grades 3 and 4 are
performing below state average on EOG reading Discovering Root Cause Changing School Demographics Students in poverty doubled over past 10 years Research indicates the "slump"
is most evident in the reading of students from poverty In the 2011-2012 school year, 3rd grade reading proficiency was 66.5%, 3.3% below the state while 4th grade reading proficiency was 70.7%, 0.9% below the state. Reading scores in these grade levels have always surpassed the state average prior to 2012 Provide engaging, rigorous reading lessons Why? Students are not prepared well
enough for the rigor of the EOG reading test why? Students are not receiving
adequate reading instruction why in Stokes? Lack of follow up since 2008 guided reading training

Lack of sufficient expository texts

Lack of sufficient time for reading instruction

Lack of time for collaboration with colleagues Plan Details Continued Time Frame- Jan 2013-May 2013 Administrators increase knowledge of reading instruction & literacy framework Increase collaboration and networking
of teachers Evidence of Progress Teacher surveys indicate: http://datacenter.kidscount.org/ http://www.ncreportcards.org/src/ Teacher Surveys

Walkthrough Data

& Teacher Coaches


A lack of follow up from 2008 reading professional development A lack of skill in teaching struggling readers A lack of time for reading instruction and/or collaboration with peers A lack of access to quality expository texts Plan Details Continued Increase access to expository texts Current Walk Through
indicates An increase in teachers'
ability to
reading errors an increase in
the rigor and student
engagement of reading
lessons an increase in
of the literacy
framework Evidence of Progress Toward Reading Score Improvement Teacher Survey
Indicate increased
teacher collaboration purchases of
expository texts improved reading
instruction Next Steps Build a strategic plan to...

- sustain progress made toward goal
- adjust strategies to meet unmet goals
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