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UTS Careers Service


UTS Careers Service

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of UTS Careers Service

UTS Careers Service
presents: www.careers.uts.edu.au How can I create my online employment profile? Check spelling and grammar
Complete all the relevant fields
Use clear and concise language
Promote your unique capabilities
Use the Evidence of Skills and Job Descriptions
Include ALL work experience, both paid and unpaid
Highlight relevant skills, knowledge and achievements Final Tips UTS Hiring Managers will contact you directly
Your skills match the specific criteria UTS staff require
They may request more information or arrange an interview
This will always vary from vacancy to vacancy How will I know if my experience is suitable for a vacant position? You gain skills and experience in a variety of ways!

Wherever you gain skills, you need to be able to identify and translate them into a language which a potential employer will value.

They will be unique to YOU! What if I have no formal or paid work experience? Communication
Problem solving
Planning and organising
Initiative and enterprise
Life-long learning Employability skills are “skills required not only to gain employment, but also to progress within an enterprise so as to achieve one’s potential...” What do UTS Staff think…? Enhances work readiness
Earn income while studying (Casual rate $28.14p/h)
Work in a flexible, safe environment
Provide students with additional skills
More opportunities to gain work experience
Improves employability in a competitive labour market What are the benefits?
Lending Services Assistant
Marketing Assistants
Research Assistants
Survey Officer
Technical Assistant
Video Production Assistant
Administration Assistant
Customer Support
Enrolment Assistant
Exam Supervisor
General Assistant
IT & Technical Support
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Attendant/Cleaner StudentJobs@UTS included... Increase the number of part-time and casual positions available on campus for students What is the purpose of StudentJobs@UTS?

UTS staff search the StudentJobs@UTS database and view profiles when they need to fill a part-time or casual role. Then what...? 21 Visit the Careers Service website for more information on StudentJobs@UTS or you can email us if you require specific assistance.

careers@uts.edu.au What if I need more information? What is the StudentJobs@UTS Database? Am I guaranteed a job at UTS?
No. Your registration is an expression of interest in working at UTS only. (It is not a guarantee of employment)

The Careers Service does not act as a placement or recruitment agency.

StudentJobs@UTS is another strategy to assist you when looking for employment. Yes. In fact we recommend you update your profile as soon as your situation changes. No. The StudentJobs@UTS database does not have this capability and it is not the size of some commercial recruitment software solutions on the market. What if I find a job outside UTS? Can I amend/change my profile? Can I upload my resume? If you secure a job outside of the university, please log-in and make your profile inactive, so UTS staff will not contact you. Employability Skills The StudentJobs@UTS initiative,
managed by the Careers Service
allows students to register interest in casual or part-time work
available on campus. Job interest
Employability skills
Current availability
Previous education
Industry experience
Area of study/degree
Previous work history An online registration allowing students to create an employment profile UTS staff view employment profiles and assess potential candidates for jobs on campus. In 2012, over 170 staff accessed the StudentJobs@UTS database approx. 580 times The StudentJobs@UTS database will match the specific search criteria and provide a list of potential candidates for the role. If your skill set is suitable, the Hiring Managers will contact you directly. Contribute to overall UTS objectives regarding employability skills and development of graduate attributes "As a result of her work with us over two different projects, she was able to use that experience for external job applications.

It was delightful, therefore, that I could act as a referee." Visit the Careers Service website to create an online profile and log in using your Student ID and Password Reports from Human Resources indicate that 1,156 students were employed at UTS on 1,465 Casual and Support Staff Contracts in 2012 (Casual Support Non Cont. and Academic Non Cont.) this is a 26% increase on 2011 figures "I introduced the office to StudentJobs@UTS with one student a few months ago and we have now employed our 6th student!" "Employing our students was a direct result of StudentJobs@UTS. More generally, it's good exposure to a working environment." "Having access to a ready pool of students has made our casual hiring decisions so much quicker and easier." "It has ensured that when we need staff for projects and have limited time to recruit, StudentJobs@UTS has been a quick and easy process." Remember to update your contact details... How much detail should I include? Complete all relevant fields and provide as much detail as possible
Give potential employers a well rounded understanding of your skills, experience and interest Always update contact details! UNIVERSITY
Study = self management, planning and organising
Assignments = analytical thinking, working to deadlines
Group assignments = team work, flexibility, decision making EXTRACURRICULAR
Unpaid work experience = initiative, ambition
Community service = initiative, delegation, discipline
Volunteer work = interpersonal skills, problem solving
Clubs, Sports, Theatre = leadership, team work, communication Your online employment profile includes -
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