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Invention and innovations of the

No description

faith bruns

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Invention and innovations of the

Invention and innovations of the
softball bat

The purpose of a softball bat is
to hit a softball
Stem Chart of a softball bat
A softball bat
science-Discovery of wood or metal used to hit a softball.
technology-creating a device to use to hit a softball.
engineering-designing a device with wood or metal in a long round shape that narrows on one end with a griping tape one the bottom for your hands.
math-what is optimal. Length,circumference ,and a width.
A quote from George Hancock the inventor of the softball bat
"That`s the frustrating thing-we have world-class pops brewed in Washington and really no ones telling the story.......no ones out there explaining,that this is the Bordeaux country for pop."
The purpose of a
softball bat
The inventor and when it was created
The inventor was George Hancock and it was invented on September 27,1887 during a football game
How it was used when it was invented and how it`s used now
When it was invented it was used to play softball and hit the ball and it is used for the same reason now.
Innovations of the softball bat
There have been many innovations of a softball.They have changed from wood to aluminum in 1970.Then they made a double walled aluminum bat.Next they decided to make a titanium bat but it was banned because they were too dangerous.Now we have composite bats.
The areas of technology that a softball bat fits into
The softball bat is considered production which includes manufacturing and construction.
A softball bat allows softball players to play softball and hit the softball.
The negatives of the softball bat is some versions such as the titanium bats are illegal because of how powerful and dangerous they can be.
Why things are innovated and the one thing i would personally choose to innovate,why would i do it and what changes i would make
Innovation-to make things better and more useful

First off i would choose a softball. I would choose this because I love the sport softball and I would do anything to make it better and more fun.I would try to make all softballs different by doing lots of colors and designs with the laces on the softball.
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