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what is gold

No description

harry shalders

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of what is gold

what is gold
GOLD IS: a yellow type of metal
how did the gold rush begin
In 1823 James McBrien found traces of gold near Bathurst, NSW
what is the life for a child in 1585
Families living in extreme poverty in mother England would send their children into the workforce where they worked inhuman hours. Until the early 20th century, children suffered terribly cruel treatment, with attendant health and nutrition issues.
How long did the gold rush last for?
It lasted from 1823 to 1899.
what is AU
au stands for atomic number 79
what is atomimc number 79
atomic number 79 is practically gold but can only be destroyed by by a couple of chemicals
who is James McBrein
James McBrein is the first person who has ever found gold in fish river east bathurst on 15 February 1823.
what type of gold did he find

what is gold made of

gold is made out of AU
he found golden flakes in the bottom of the river
how are they different to us
kids in the 1858 where very poor and they didnt have clothes like we do today
how do you pan for gold
you use the pan to the right to scope up the gravel and rocks and then you swish it around like you will see in this video
where were the main gold fields
the main gold fields are bathust
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