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Bern 2012

No description

Rubén D

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Bern 2012

Climate change work Dendrochronology Spatial Ecology 2010 2011 2012 Final Degree Thesis - Pure dendrochronological study
- Climate-growth relationship in 2 relict forests
- Xeric vs. Mesic
- Young vs. Old New Locations of P.nigra Intensive fieldwork
in the Rif Chain Revision of all the cited locations for the subspecie mauritanica in Morocco & 9 never cited locations New Distribution Cartography for the Species Regional Dendrochronology 5 relictic stands at the rear southern limit Climatic response in a water/temperature gradient Tropical Dendrochronology Creation of the Dendrochronological Lab in the UAGRM (Bolivia)
Starting studying tropical species -> Machaerium Scleroxylon, Cedrela odorata,... Spatial relationships among species and age-groups Facilitation vs. Competition between trees/species Effect of human activities on species intra- and inter-relationships
(Natural) Quercus saplings are facilitated by mature trees
(Natural) Quercus and Cedrus are competing for the same resources
(Highly disturbed) Competition among Cedrus trees Final Master Thesis Effects of climate change scenarios on Spatial Distribution of P. nigra in southern Spain and northern Morocco Fundiv
UBern 2013 Keep working on CC effects on european forest
and collaborating in diverse group/fields Contritube my experience dendro, spat. ecol.
and SDMs to local conditions Broad my understanding on
CC effects with a new approach
(large-scale patterns vs. local adaptation) Y X Spatial Distribution Models Presence Variables Growth-climate relationships in high-mountain mediterranean pines. A dendrochronological and spatial approach Rubén D. Manzanedo M.Sc. in Climate Change Forestry
Engineering Agricultural
Engenieering (DENDROCLIMATIC ANALYSIS) (YOUNG VS. OLD) (Months) (Precipitation) (Correlation coefficient) (Old) (Max. Temperature) (Precipitation) (Young) (Max. Temperature) (Correlation coefficient) (DIFERENT TRENDS OF BOTH SERIES) (DENDROCRONOLOGICAL ANALYIS) (Year) (Tree-ring growth) Inclusion of herbivory / dispersal factors Dendrochronology applied to local scale Stable Isotopes on wood Fisiological/evolutionary view Navarro et al. (under review) Dendrochronologia Navarro et al. (2012) Forest Ecology and Management Manzanedo et al. (-) Ann. For. Scien. Plaza et al. (2012) Folia Botanica Extremadurensis Paredes et al. (under review) Tree-Ring Research
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