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Vincent van Gogh Paintings (Nicholas Miheli)

View Nicholas Miheli's AWESOME review of the TOP FIVE Van Gogh paintings!

M2K Kids

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Vincent van Gogh Paintings (Nicholas Miheli)

Vincent van Gogh Paintings
by Nicholas Miheli

The Potato Eaters
This Van Gogh painting is of people eating potatoes! Van Gogh's reason for this painting was that he wanted to "portray peasants", which is why he tried to make them ugly! His story behind the painting is that the peasants, or "potato eaters", grew the potatoes themselves.
I mostly like this painting because of its name,
The Potato Eaters
The Night Café
The Van Gogh painting shown here is of an actual café that was called
Café de la Gare
. It was run by Marie Ginoux, and her husband, Joseph Michel. I like this painting because the café depicted in it looks nice and calm... And it's night time...
Sorrowing Old Man
(sometimes AKA
At Eternity's Gate
This piece is based off of a similar lithograph (lithography is an old method of printing), which was based off of a hand-drawing called
Worn Out
. Van Gogh painted this two months before he died. His health had become really bad at the time he painted it. How sad... I love how well Van Gogh conveys the feeling of sorrow in this painting. When I look at the old man, I just feel really bad for him.

Van Gogh's inspiration for this piece was the scene from an his east-facing window in the room stayed in after he voluntarily submitted himself to an insane asylum, although Van Gogh added the village. He might have submitted himself to an insane asylum because he thought he might have been a lunatic (fun fact) for cutting off his ear earlier. I like this piece because of how cool it looks. I enjoy looking at the swirls and stars in the sky, but it's not my favorite Van Gogh painting.
Café Terrace at Night
This is my favorite Van Gogh painting.
Van Gogh's inspiration for this piece
was simply the place depicted in it.
Part of why this is my favorite Van
Gogh is because my mom's house has
a copy of it hung on the wall in our
kitchen. I only learned that it was a
Van Gogh painting the day I started
creating this presentation! I was
surprised! I LOVE this painting because
of the large variety of color (I find
that I subconsciously chose visual works of art as my favorite when they have a lot of red, yellow, and blue in them), and because it makes me think a lot. For example, why aren't all the tables the same size? I know that a lot of the time restaurants have different table sizes, but it seems like each of the tables in this picture have their own unique size, and those darn chairs! Where did this café get all those different kinds of chairs!?
The Starry Night
Also, what are these train track-like things?
v v
Finally, whenever I look at the sky in this painting, I see a constellation. Keep pressing the forward arrow button to see what it is.
Can you already tell what it is?
Did you guess... A dog!?
Thanks for viewing this presentation!
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