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(5:00 Intro) Designing & Building the "Blueprint of WE"

test SoGD

Maureen McCarthy

on 14 February 2015

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Transcript of (5:00 Intro) Designing & Building the "Blueprint of WE"

Personal Business Self The Story of Us 
 Build a Vision:
Share what draws you to these people and this situation. Interaction Styles 1. 2. The Components 5 3. Expectations 4. Questions to Return 5. Agreements The “blueprint of me,” how I work best, what I look like on a good day/bad day, and what I might need that I couldn’t ask for in the moment. Core values and
non-negotiables, the structure you need to create and sustain this relationship. Your most intelligent self as third party mediator, makes the difficult times shorter and easier. How long are you willing to go before you make peace? 24 hours? 3 days? What if the unimaginable happens? How long are you willing to remain in a stressful state? For every type of relationship... Step-by-Step
Process Choose people to create a State of Grace Document together (2-20,000+). Each person writes their portion of the
5 Components, the Blueprint of ME.
Then merge them into one Document,
the Blueprint of WE. Gather for a Clarifying Conversation
to go over what you've each written.
Be sure you are really clear with one another by asking clarifying questions. 3 2 1 Use the Document on a regular basis to evolve the relationship, making it effortless and creative. 4 5 Use the Document as a third party mediator when needed, to speed you through the rough spots. Currently used in 90+ countries worldwide Interchangeable Dance Creators of the State of Grace Document, Maureen K. McCarthy and Zelle Nelson of the Center for the State of Grace Document Learn to do the + What dances do I know?
+ When is it best for me to lead?
+ When is it best for me to follow? • Exchange that information, ask clarifying questions The ideal platform to do this dance is: of a State of Grace Document Corporations
Client/Supplier Communities
Self Who's Using It? A simple, groundbreaking
collaboration process How? www.stateofgracedocument.com Collaborative Personally written,
along with those involved,
2 - 20,000+ people. for creating a State of Grace Document Prezi and graphics by Maureen McCarthy
maureen@stateofgracedocument.com It is often being used to enhance or replace traditional legal contracts. want to know more? Awareness Use the Document as a third party mediator to speed you through the rough spots. Short & Long-Term to Peace & Warning Signs 5 Step-by-Step
Process Our world now demands Collaborative Awareness How do we do this fast-paced dance without stepping on each other's toes? of Leader and Follower Helps you put into practice the tools and concepts that already work for you. Writing down,
and discussing ahead of time,
who you are and how you operate, removes the need for other people to fix or change you.
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