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shakiba Y.

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of LONDON

LONDON Hyde Park Thames River Hyde park is one of the biggest most well known parks in central London. Thames river flows thoruogh southern england.It is the longest river in england LOCATION England is on
northwestern coast of Europe between the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom
It is located in the south east of England on the Thames river.
Major cities near london are Southampton, Coventry, Leicester and Birmingham. POPULATION
Area London has a large population of 8,173,194 Area
• London 1,570 km2 (607 sq mi) Density
5,206/km2 (13,466/sq mi) Currency UK's currency is called pound (£) UK Pound
1 GBP=2.068 USD Big Ben The clock tower of the palace of Westminster known as the big Ben is one of the most famous land marks in London,England and the whole world. London Eye The london eye was made recently but is already very popular landmark.The wheel located in the Jubilee Gardens on the South Bank is 135 meter (443ft) tall Buckingham Palace The buckingham place is the official London residence and principal workplace of the British monarch in the city of westminister.
Normal people can get a tour of the place but only certain rooms and only when the queen is away during summer. Tower of London Royal Palace and Fortress,known as the tower of london is another historic palace in central london. white-Peace&Honesty Red-hardiness, bravery, strength Blue-truth and loyalty&Justice Flag FOOD English Breakfast English breakfast is a traditional full breakfast or brunch.It begins with orange juice ,cereal ,Fruits .The main part of the breakfast is Bacon and Eggs with sausage mushrooms,tomato and a toast.
Tea is the most popular drink served with it but coffee is also served. Toad In the Hole Is a classic English dish.It is basically sausages in a Yorkshire pudding.Served with onion gravy and vagetables.
The name of this meal is very unusual.Many think its a toad with its head sticking out of whole.Its been called that from the past Shepherd's pie This pie consists Mashed potato and melted cheese on top and gooey ground beef, sauce and Vegetables. TEA UK is one of the largest tea consumers in the world since the 18th century .
The british were actually one of the last countries in Europe to try tea.The origin comes from ancient china.
Some legends say it was discovered over 5000 years ago, when the evil and despotic Emperor Shen Nung was overthrown and banished to a remote corner of Southern China. Driven by poverty to drinking only hot water, one day he was pleasantly surprised when a gust of wind blew some leaves from a nearby tree into his pot of boiling water.he resulting infusion was so relaxing that, according to legend, he sat under the tree for the next 7 years drinking nothing but tea and naming it "Tai' (peace) Christmas Pudding Race – Dec 1 This one of the several CRAZY events that goes on in London! Costumes London is like taking all the amazingness in the world and just fittting it into one.The most brilliant people and ideas come from the
.JK Rowling
.Alan rickman
.Adrew Garfield
I would LOVE to go to London and see for myself! THE END Fact:Canada used to have the same flag http://london.ctvnews.ca/london-s-high-unemployment-rate-causes-concern-at-city-hall-1.1211601
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