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Valentine's Day

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Oksana Anisimova

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day
My Valentine,
My sweet valentine,
My candle in the wind;
It's the morning fresh air...

Valentine, Valentine, Valentine
O' won't you please be mine
You're such a sweet heart
With love full of sweet tarts...

On Valentine's Day, I think about
The people who are dear,
How much they add to life's delight
Whenever they are near.

You've always been a total joy,
Such pleasant company,
I very much appreciate
Our compatibility!
A friend is like a Valentine,
Heartwarming, bringing pleasure,
Connected to good feelings,
With memories to treasure.

Seeing a special Valentine
Brings happiness to stay,
And that’s what you do, friend,
You brighten every day!
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