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Should America Help Other Countries?

No description

Juliet Delgado

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of Should America Help Other Countries?

Negative Opinions From Other People On Debate.org
Positive Opinions
People who say “Yes we should help other countries”.
- “Yes, the US should and can help other countries. The US is considered the superpower in the world. Therefore, it should use its strength to help those countries that need help. Right now, there are widespread hunger and poverty around the globe. Even what we considered a little help can make a really big difference in those nations that are less fortunate that we are.”
- “With The Kindness Our Country Has… Let's say a country is attacked. US has great military skills to defend that country from being attacked more. Maybe we're the first to notice. We go and help. We have great skills to defend countries and help the poor people live on. Our history includes heroic things so we can help that country be heroic too.”

Foreign Aid
The majority of U.S. Foreign Aid is managed by the “150 Account.” Function 150 of the Federal Budget contains funding for all U.S. international activities, including: operating U.S. embassies and consulates throughout the world; providing military assistance to allies; aiding developing nations; dispensing economic assistance to fledgling democracies; promoting U.S. exports abroad; making U.S. payments to international organizations and contributing to international peacekeeping efforts. Funding for all of these activities constitutes about one percent of the federal budget. The major agencies in this function include the Departments of Agriculture, State, and the Treasury, the United States Agency for International Development and the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Helping Others Defend Themselves
As the Pentagon's Quadrennial Defense Review recently concluded,
the United States is still likely to face scenarios requiring a familiar tool kit of
capabilities, although on a smaller scale. In these situations,
the effectiveness and credibility of the United States will only be as good
as the effectiveness, credibility, and sustainability of its local partners.

Thank you!
The Big Question
We decided that one of the best questions to dig into is if America should help other countries who are in need. America has been helping many countries for many years, but should we really take the chance to lose our soldiers and spend more money when our pockets are already empty? Think about it.
Juliet's Opinions
Should we help different countries in need? I don't think we should. First of all, do you see how much America is in debt? America is 18,000,000,000,000 dollars in debt. America hired soldiers to protect their country, not them. Sure, when you see the commercials on TV and they are pleading for help, you feel bad, but they need to help themselves. Also, when have they ever helped us? If they ever did, then barely. What did they expect when forming such a big population? They need to prepare and protect themselves, they are not children, but adults who know well enough what to do. I think that we should not help them.
Should America Help Other Countries?
Genius Hour Presentation by Manal, Juliet, and Monika
Public Perception:
“By doing good, we do well.”
– Rajiv Shah, Director of USAID
“Foreign Assistance is not an end in itself. The purpose of aid must be to create the conditions where it is no longer needed- where we help build the capacity for transformational change in a society.”
– President Barack Obama

- People saying “No we should not help other countries” on debate.org.
“I am selfish. We can't help other countries with empty pockets.
We need to fix our economy before helping anyone.
There are not just people in need in India or Haiti, there are plenty
of people in the U.S that are in need as well.
Worry about the people in our own country before people
in other countries.”
, Anonymous

This strategic reality demands that the U.S. government get better at
what is called "building partner capacity": helping other countries
defend themselves or, if necessary, fight alongside U.S. forces by
providing them with equipment, training, or other forms of
security assistance.

Manal's Opinions
I think that America should help other countries in need. I mean you never know when we could use that help back. Helping is never a bad thing.
Monika's Opinion
I think that America should help other countries because there are many countries out there that are defenseless such as Afghanistan, that has a lot of terrorist associations such as the ISIS, who are slaughtering millions of innocent people. Which is why we need to help them.
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