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Online Social Networking Guidelines

No description

Alex Prestel

on 30 August 2010

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Transcript of Online Social Networking Guidelines

Online Social Networking Guidelines being Facebook smart OSN Guidelines are designed to help our members, both collegiate and alumnae, to continue to uphold the noble ideals of our Fraternity in a society whose breadth continues to expand via the Internet. ITEMS THAT SHOULD NOT APPEAR ON SITE INCLUDE:

-Chapter business.

-Illegal activity, which shall include absolutely no portrayal of drug use or underage drinking (including event names, clothing, containers).

-Alcoholic beverages in photos, bumper stickers, wall posts, etc.

-Use of words including, but not limited to, “pre-party”, “pre-game”, “pre-formal” or phrases of that nature in captions, album names, or event names (ex: Theta Formal Pre-Party or Shots Pre-Formal).

-Promotion of any “unauthorized” Theta activity including alcohol.

Example: A picture of a member with two beer cans in her hands. Should you take that photograph if you were wearing a Theta sweatshirt and had two beer cans in your hands? No? Then you should not post the picture on your page. Postive Aspects of Social Networking

-List general information about yourself without giving too many personal details that may cause security concerns. Do not post phone numbers or addresses.

-List general information about Theta – show your pride!

-Post information about service and philanthropy events.

-Highlight campus involvement and activities.

-Utilize the career section to highlight your accomplishments.

-Review notifications you receive of wall posts, bumper stickers, comments and tagged photos. You have the ability on OSN sites to delete or detag inappropriate items, even if posted by another member. Don’t be shy about standing up for your own image.

-Communicate with members who are abroad or who have graduated to maintain your Theta friendships.
This goes past Theta...

-False sense of privacy
-Future career
-Job interviews
-On campus involvement
Where to go from here?
-Check out your Facebook or other online
social networking outlets
-Clean it up
-Be aware of pictures, videos, status updates etc.
when using sites in the future
-Utilize all the positive outlets Facebook has to offer!
-Questions? Check out the official guidelines posted on Blackboard
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