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The Hobbit - Hero's Journey - Bilbo

No description

Morgan Beck

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of The Hobbit - Hero's Journey - Bilbo

The Hero's Journey Step # 1 The Call The Call in the Hobbit is when Gandalf and the dwarves come and tell Bilbo about the adventure. Step # 2 Prepration The Prepration in the Hobbit is when the dwarves and Gandalf come to Bilbo's house and have a meeting of what is going to happen on the journey. Step# 3 Allies 'Helpers' The Allies 'Helpers' in the Hobbit is the dwarves and Gandalf. They are helping Bilbo with his adventure. Step # 4 Gaurdians of Threshold The Gaurdians of Threshold in the Hobbit is the Trolls.The group meets up with them at the end of the Known World and defeats them. Step # 5 Crossing the Threshold The Crossing of the Threshold in the Hobbit is after they defeated the Trolls and crossed the Edge of the Wild.This meant that Bilbo is no longer in his safe hobbit hole. Step # 6 Road of Trials The Road of Trials in the Hero's journey for the Hobbit is when the group has to face the obstacles like the Goblins and the Wolves. Also another trail is when Bilbo had to riddle it out with Gollum. Step # 7 Saving Expericance or gift The saving Expericance is when Bilbo saves the dwarves from the spiders and get them free. It is the first saving expericance that Bilbo had and this is why it important to the Hero's Journey. Step # 8 Transforming Changes Transforming Changes in the Hobbit is when the purpose of the quest is carried out. This is after the war is over and the Dwarves, Elves, and Men won the battle. Step # 9 The Return The Return step in the Hobbit is when Bilbo returns home after they had won the battle. Step # 10 Sharing the Gift The Sharing of the Gift step is when Bilbo returns home and finds that his things are being auctioned off and has to buy his things back.
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