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My ENEX Project, Kpop Fashion Design and Styling

No description

Lussy Loo

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of My ENEX Project, Kpop Fashion Design and Styling

Most Famous Kpop fashion Stylist
One of the most successful Kpop fashion stylists is flower group SHINee's fashion stylist:
Ha Sung Baek
Kpop Fashion Design
How Kpop Fashion Came to Be
Many young people liked the styles of their celebrities so therefoer, they imitated them
As Kpop progressed, the clothing and outfits got more and more unique by the day, soon some Kpop stars even became fashion icons
How Do Kpop Designers Design Clothing for Idols?
Leave long lasting impressions because of its memorable clothes and accessories
Designers and stylists arrange clothing from the interpretation of the song
Some of the very cool accessories they use in music videos are:
heavy metal chains funky&sparkly jackets
graffiti hoodies huge pullovers
nappytabs clown suits
glitter formal mini-dresses
Constructing an outfit
The Process
The Best Outfits for Live Performances
Male Performers
What is Fashion????
Fashion started a long time ago, but only the rich could wear extravagant designer clothing

Fashion had a huge turning point in the 20th century, where excellent designers like Coco Chanel, Armani, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein rose to fame.
ButWhat is Kpop?
Kpop is the abbreviation of Korean pop music
It mostly consists of hip-hop, dubstep, locking popping and ballads
Badman by BAP
History by EXO-K
I Got a Boy by SNSD
Cool by SISTAR
dull blazers
roughly styled hair
shiny jackets
huge pullover&hoodies
EXO signature shiny pants
colorful hair
funky blazers and cropped tops
pastel stockings
silver hoops and sequins
glittery mini-dresses
high heels
more glitter
The Kpop fashion/costume designer has to consult many people
The stylist has to consult:
the company boss
MV director
How do You Decide Which Concept to Use
If the fans and the company both want different concepts, you can:
do an anonymous survey on facebook, on airirang, Showbiz Korea or on the company website

Two concepts usually are hip-hop, dubstep style and ballad, heart-breaking style
loose pants that are loose around the legs but tight around the crotch area
big T-shirts and pullovers
shiny hoodies over cap with fanclub logo
all attire in white
pastel jeans
sparkly glitter
Female Performers
Two concepts usually are Sexy and Cute
tight top
tight, shiny tights or jeggings
tank tops that expose stomach
cropped shorts
short minis
puffy colorful dresses
cheerleader uniforms
pastel colors
He designed the best absolute outfits in the MV " Sherlock"
And "Lucifer"
Although he likes to change SHINee's outfits every couple performances, he mainly sticks to pastel colors and tight fitting jeans.
In "Sherlock", Ha Sung Baek mixed Victorian, hippie, casual and class. It makes SHINee look crazy but fashionable
In every SHINee comeback, everyone anticipates their next fashion trend, they are now one the most fashionable groups known in the Kpop world, the Fashion icons.
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Kpop Fashion/Costume Designer
Gets to travel the world
You can learn from other stylists and designers
Get to meet celebrities
Well respected
You can choose your own work environment if your good enough
Hard to get famous
Has to stand out from the rest in order to be picked
Sometimes can get bashed by people on the internet
Orange Caramel
Girls Day
Taemin of SHINee

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