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No description

wasi El harrak

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of esport

Hokey 1.It is played by a doorman and five field players: two defenders (defensemen), two eaves (right wing and left wing), and a head office(plant) 2.The players can control the disc using a long cane with a sheet curled in an end (stick(wood)), being able to strike the disc with the foot, except to put goal. 3.They invented it in 1853 or in 1860 the English soldiers destined in Canada. 4.The track is surrounded by a fence of approximately 1,22 m of high place. Two desks of 1,22 m of high place for 1,83 m of width are placed in the ends of the track to not more than 4,57 m of the limits of the same one. The zone of game is divided by two blue lines in three equal areas. 5.And finally though this game seems to be very difficult in the bottom(fund) if you center and throw(add) desire surely that you it go away to happening(passing) brilliantly(genially). It is: And here podrei to observe some images of this sport Hello this one is our sport be: wasima and ayub 2C I am happy you have done the presentation but there are too many mistakes with the English and the photos you chose don't match the sport. You have chosen Ice hockey but your stick and ball is from indoor floor hockey. Try not to use 'Google Translator'. Sue

Mark: 5
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