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Mauthausen powerpoint

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valeria betancourt

on 22 March 2011

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Transcript of Mauthausen powerpoint

Mauthausen Location is twenty km from the city of Linz, Austria Established on August 8th 1928 libertated on may 5th 1945 by the U.S 11th armour division it was built to supply labor to the Wiener-Graben stone quarry Mauthausen was listed as a catagory 3 camp. This catagory is the friecest catagory called " mother camp of Austria" prisoners were gvinen primitive tools. and sometimes had to work with their hands. Mauthausen had Todesstiege, which were stairs of death. Todesstiege had a 186 steps to the Wiener-Graben quarry. prisoners had to carry large blocks of granite on thier backs. somtimes the blocks would go crashing down the stairs and crush prisoners. leader of Mauthausen was commandant Ziereis estimated 150,00 surviors in Mauthausen it was created to ship poeple from overflowing camps childern were sometimes given lethal heart injection mauthausen was a labor camp Peter Van Pels was a prisoner at Mauthausen. he died three days before liberation. jack sittsamer was a remarkable survivor of the holocaust. he survived six concentration camps in cluding Mauthausen. when he was libertaed he was 20 years old and wieghed 72 pounds. he died on october 2008. stairs of death SS officers would sometimes bet on which prisoner would reach the top first. liberation bathing inmates to death. by putting the weak in freezing cold water. dragging inmates on the roads hanging them from trees. throwing people down from the stairs. cruelties in Mauthausesn
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