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UIS 431

No description

Julie Love

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of UIS 431

UIS 431
October 7, 2013

Microfilm Processor
Secretary, Finance
Secretary, Life
Horace Mann
Both continuous and high-leverage training.
Content was heavily regulated.
Life & Annuity Training Specialist
Foot in the door
Practice my delivery
John Deere Life Insurance Company/ Deere & Company
Deere's 5 step certification process
Participate in the program
Train the Trainer Workshop
Observe the program
Co-train the program
Observed training the program
No Job Description
No breaks or lunch, ever
No salary increases
NO career advancement
Involve participants to get buy in
Positive feedback
Focus on reason for training
Celebrate victories
Toughest Job Ever
State wide not-for-profit agency
training & resource center -
helping communities build capacity to prevent substance abuse.

Prevention First

We are the leading experts in substance abuse prevention training and technical assistance.
Five Program Areas
Evidence Based Programs

Programs are considered evidence-based if there exists good evidence that they have a positive impact on the outcomes that they are designed to change. ...
Director, People Services
Prairie Cardiovascular
Today was my first day on my new job!
Life & Annuity Products

1. Which of the following option positions would represent the most risk to a customer?
a. Net debit spread
b. Net credit spread
c. Long call
d. Short straddle

Types of Training Positions
Network Provider Specialist
Instructional Design Specialist
Manager, Professional Development
Addie Model

Training Factors
Time and Technology
Classroom, web, video
and self study based trainings
Culture and needs
of participants
Julie Ann Love, PHR
29 years HR experience

HR & Training Overview
4 seconds ....
opening icebreaker
open to learn new things

Fortune 500
Global Company
38,000 employees

Personnel Representative
Manager, T&D
Manager, Human Resources

Deere & Comp had extensive formal training program
Continuous & High-Leverage Train
All good things....
Deere & Company
HR Administrator
Manager, Human Resources
Trained three staff
Designed on-the-job training
Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts
keeping skills current
St. Agnes School Board
Director, Public Relations & Administration
Human Resources
Government Relations
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