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Medical Club Proposal

No description

Bailee Gannon

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Medical Club Proposal

Presented by: Katie Miller, President
&Bailee Gannon, Vice President
What Has Med Club Done so Far?
Attending Medquest, as well
as graduating onto Advanced
Medquest and then College Quest
for High School seniors
Where Students are Helped to
Achieve Their Goals

What Is Med Club?
Med Club is where we have the opportunity to come together as not just classmates, but as equals who all are joined due to our one love of the medical field. This club provides you with the essential resources needed in order to get you on path for your goals. We encourage any student who is invested or interested in possibly pursuing a job within the medical field and would like to help make a difference in someone's life.
Dartmouth Social Worker came to speak to club about Pediatrics Unit at Dartmouth
Medical Club
Beginning of this year
had a Turkey Gram Sale
to raise money towards the
Ryland Stout Foundation for
inoperable brain tumors.
Jess Stout,
Ryland Stout's mother,
came to speak
with us about the
foundation in her son's
Members of the club with
Jess Stout after meeting with her.
Got invited to attend
the 1st annual
Brain Bee competition
held at Dartmouth
College on May 11th.
Available Opportunities
The National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine
Daring to Care at Dartmouth
Volunteering around 60 hours at Dartmouth
Working as a Ski Patrol, Lifeguard, EMT volunteer
Become an LNA through programs in our area
Med Club's Goals for the Future
Allow those to achieve their goals through opportunities available for their success.
Use our resources in order to give students experience for their field of choice in the medical field.
Volunteer within their community to give them the experience of patient care.
Help make a difference in not only a person's life but as well as our community as a whole.
About Medquest
President: Katie Miller
Vice President: Bailee Gannon
Secretary: Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
Treasurer: Sophia Halik
Teacher Advisor: Anne Marinello
When Does Medclub Meet?
Med Club will meet every other Thursday during both lunches on a Green Day in the alcove in the Library

Most meetings will last about 15-30 minutes long, mostly ran by the President and Vice President

Will go over events as well as ideas for the club to do to improve the club's experiences
Thank You!
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