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The Saints and the Roughnecks

No description

Emiy Michienzi

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of The Saints and the Roughnecks

The Saints and the Roughnckes
By: William J. Chambliss What was the essay about? 8 young men from stable, white, upper middle class families
Some of the most delinquent boys at Hanibal High School
Perceived as "good boys" by the community
6 Boys played on athletic teams
Teachers thought highly of the boys
Police thought the boys were good kids
Created schemes to get out of class
Always recieved the mercy they wanted Who are the Saints? 6 lower class white males
equal rate of delinquency as the Saints
in constant trouble with the police
Not well dressed, not well mannered, not wealthy
Engaged in fights
Ron was a serious offender and Jack was known as the bawler
C average students
2 played sports Who are the Roughnecks? Straight A students
Played on athletic teams
They cheat on tests quite often
Skip classes and school all together( Pool Hall, cafe) The Saints in School Behavior was disruptive
Try to skip school but would not succeed
They were considered a burden
Little less than average grades (C average)
Some played sports The Roughnecks in School Running Stop Signs
Speeding The Police and the Saints Stealing
Fighting The Police and the Roughnecks The Saints went to Big Town to drink in bars and clubs
Played dangerous games such as “chicken”
Played pranks
Vandalized abandoned houses The Saints on the Weekend Loitering at the drugstore
Drinking The Roughnecks on the Weekend The differences in the communities and law enforcement agencies reactions to the two groups is that one group of boys was "more delinquent" than the other Two Questions Why were the Roughnecks treated so differently?
Roughnecks Were more visible to the community compared to the Saints
Saints could drive to Big Town where they could blend in. Roughnecks had no car so they had to hang around town (outside drugstore, on corner of the street)
Saints could go to coffee shops during school hours. Roughnecks could not leave town.
Saints were less prone to fights. Roughnecks got into fights on the street corners Visibility The Saints
Demeanor was always apologetic and penitent when confronted Demeanor The Saints had more money do they must be better kids
The Roughnecks couldn't afford cars, so they walked around being bad kids
More money = More respect
Less Money = More trouble Bias Roughnecks agreed with the perception that they were trouble
Once they accepted the image that they were delinquents, they would only choose friends who fit that image
Lack of deviance works opposite to accepting it
Unless an interceding event takes place (scholarship or sudden failure)
EX: Jack and Herb received scholarships to college which led to a break in their pattern of deviance
EX: Jerry's parents got divorced and he failed high school Reinforcement 7 out of 8 of the Saints went to college
6 of those 7 received advanced degrees
One of the Saints failed high school, started hanging out with a "rougher" group and is now living off unemployment Careers of the Saints Two went to college on athletic scholarships
Two never finished high school and are serving out life sentences for murder
One is a bookkeeper and stays out of trouble even though his job is illegal
One moved up north and was never heard of again. Careers of the Roughnecks A Visual Representation of the Saints and Roughnecks What Kind of Trouble did the Saints get into with the Police? What Kind of Trouble did the Roughnecks get into with the Police? The Saints
Committed more illegal acts
Drank and vandalized property
Left school when they pleased
Delinquent acts happened frequently The Roughnecks
Engaged sporadically in delinquent behavior
Could not obtain liquor themselves
Always manipulated their way to having legitimate excuses to leave school
Teachers watched actions more closely
"The Roughnecks hearts may have been as black as the Saints, but their misdeeds were not nearly as frequent" Differences in the responses
of group members outside
intervention with their activities The Roughnecks
Demeanor was hostile and rude when confronted Roughnecks
Stole more than $5 worth of items biweekly

**More expensive set of activities "Seriousness" How serious the offense is made by the group of boys.
If seriousness encompasses the relative economic costs of delinquent acts, then some assessment can be made The Saints
Vandalism of worthless items
Once in a while stole street signs (not costly) Physical Violence The Roughnecks
Prone to violence
Went seeking opportunities to fight
Fought within the group The Saints
Never fought
Avoided physical violence The End

By: Cory Christie, Jessica Hinchey, Connor Hinman, Emily Michienzi and Kelsey Prye
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