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Should Phones be Allowed in Schools?

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molly fritz

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Should Phones be Allowed in Schools?

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Should Phones be allowed in school?
Molly Fritz
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Should Phones be Allowed in Schools?
At Jamestown High School from 2012-2013, 147 cell phones were confiscated. In 2013-2014 in only two months, 39 phones were taken from the students.
Phones can cause many distractions in the class rooms!

65% of teens with cell phones have texted in class

1/2 or more teens send 50 or more text massages a day
at school, one in 3 of these send more then a 100 texts
a day during school.

Many students bring their cell phones to school even if it is against the school rules.

65% of teens bring their cell phones to school every day.

most of the time they use them when they are done their work.

claim 2
Having cell phones in school could cause cyber bullying

If students can have contact with other students at all time, it could cause more bullying

26% of students have been harassed or bullied through text massages and phone calls

Cell phone can help students stay in contact with their parents.

29% of parents want to be able to contact their children, and have their children contact them, via cell phone in an emergency.

84% of parents want to be able to contact their children and have their children contact them via cell phone during school hours if there is a change in schedule.

Cell phones also can be used to cheat.

Cell phones could be used to find answers to tests by looking it up on the internet
counterclaim 3

Cell phones can be used as a learning tool.
Cell phones are increasing productivity by helping us with school papers and projects by being able to go on Google at anytime.

They can be a helpful tool by using apps like Edmodo, Power School and calculators.

Students can also use their cell phones to go to the online books, plug in head phones and have the book read to them. Those who think better while listening to music can also plug in and do that.
Call to action
Why phones should be banned from schools.
Let's keep the cell phone policy the way
it is at Jamestown High School.

"No cell phones allowed in classrooms"!
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