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UF Incoming Student Room Signup 2013/2014

UF Housing Room signup process for incoming students. This may help you going through online room selection

carolynn komanski

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of UF Incoming Student Room Signup 2013/2014

Incoming Student: Room Signup
Email reminders sent weekly
UF Housing application date is associated with your appointment time *check your UF email for your application date
Housing application date is different than your UF Admissions application date
Verify appointment times here:
BEFORE You Get Started
Now What?!
1) Log on to the housing portal:
2) Choose 'Room Signup'
3) Select a room
4) Receive a confirmation email
5) Select a roommate *optional
Step 1: Log on to: https://my.housing.ufl.edu
Use your Gatorlink Username/Password

Step 2 : Select 'Room Signup'
Circled in
5 Easy Steps!
Watch a video about your options.
Click enter or the arrow to skip the video.
Let us show you the steps!!
Step 3: Find A Room!
Search options:
1) Area/Hall/Living Learning Community
2) Room Type
3) Vacancies

Option 1:
Area/Hall/Living Learning Community
Option 2: Room Type
Option 3: Vacancy
For this
we searched for:
(1) Jennings Hall
(2) Double Rooms
(3) At Least 2 Vacancies
In this
there are many rooms that fit these 3 search options. You may search using some or all.
In this
we have decided to choose Jennings room 157 as our room. Select the room number and you will see this page.
We can select this room or continue to search.

If this is the space you want, click on 'Assign me here if available'.
You will then receive an email notification indicating either that you have been assigned, or that the room was taken.
This is a LIVE process, so someone may select the same room you are looking at while your are looking at it.

Some students compare our process to TicketMaster's concert seat-finding process, and Airline seat selection process, or cruise ship room selection process because all students can see all available rooms when the portal is open.

After your room signup date, you can go back in and change your space and room as many times as you wish without penalty. You can see new spaces/rooms open and when spaces/rooms become occupied. This can be done until you are billed or room signup closes when rooms become limited.
Your roommate must have a completed housing contract for the same academic term as you.
3 Steps
To adding a Roommate
1) Vacant space must be available
2) Enter your roommates UFID in the VACANT space
3) Select 'PLACE HOLD'
4)The HOLD will be on the space for 24 hours
Step 1
Your roommate will receive an email letting them know about the hold.
If you want to change rooms you must follow these steps all over again.
Step 3
In this example you are Elizabeth Wegner.
You are going to hold a space in bedroom B.
They will log on to 'myHousing' and then accept the space on hold.
They must accept the hold within 24 hours or the room will be released so everyone will be able to see that it is Vacant.
Step 2
Once your roommate accepts the hold, they will get a confirmation email.
You and your roommate can view your assignment and contact information by selecting the MY ROOM link.
Click enter or the arrow to skip this video.
If a roommate is 'pulled in' earlier than their room signup date
they cannot move or see all of the available space/rooms until their room signup date.
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