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The Electromagnetic Spectrum and its applications

Physics presentation

Alex Filhol

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of The Electromagnetic Spectrum and its applications

The Electromagnetic Spectrum
By Alex Filhol
Ionising radiation:
X-rays, Gamma rays, and cosmic rays. (3.4*10^16Hz - <5*10^19Hz)
They are 'self renewing' waves (alternating between electric waves and magnetic waves, the electric waves produce magnetic waves which inturn produce electric waves and so on) which differ by having different wavelenghts and frequencies.
These are regulated by the Maxwell equations and wave equations.
The most well know and used of the Maxwell equations is the aptly dubbed 'right hand rule'. (centre)
There are 'sections' of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are separeated as so.
They have uses such as: X-rays, 'gamma knife' (able to concentrate gamma rays into a specific area which can then denature cells),and sterillisation.
Ultraviolet (7.9*10^14Hz - 3.4*10^16Hz), Infrared (3*10^11Hz - 3.9*10^14Hz), and visible (3.9*10^14 - 7.9*10^14Hz).

They have uses such as: sight (visible), killing bacteria and viruses, tanning (ultraviolet), heat radiation, TV remotes, and thermal imaging (infrared).
Radio waves (10^4Hz - 10^9Hz) such as microwaves (10^9Hz - 3*10^11)and radio waves have many uses and is mainly used in communications. They do have other uses such as in microwaves, for TV and radio broadcasts, and even as Sonar in submarines and on boats.
Electric waves (>10^4Hz) travel as either DC (Direct Current) or AC (Alternating Current). They are used for electricity and were used to carry computer and telephone signals before the use of radio and microwaves.
The wave equations:
The entire range of wavelenghts and frequencies of all known electromagnetic radiations.
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