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andrews photo essay


andrew bonyai

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of andrews photo essay

Andrew's photo essay dirtbikes four wheelers nice cars
video games
grandmas cooking hockey
prety ladies
I like to ride my dirtbike.
I have a Kawasaki KD 80. I also like to ride
my 4 wheeler. It is
a Yamaha moto 4 I like cool cars
because they are nice
to look at and also to ride in. Video games are a fun
past time. The game I
enjoy to play the most is
Call of duty modern warfare 2. My grandas cooking is the
best. When I go there after
school there is always
a snack like chicken,fish,
candy,hungarian deserts and
my favorite chiken wings.
And thats just half of it. I play hockey and i like it very
much.I like to watch
hockey fights because one
time when my team was in a
tourniment we were down 4-2
and there best player checked
me from behind. I got up
and punched him in the face.
Their best player and I were
in the box and then my team
scored 3 goals and we won.
Since that day I have never liked
the players in red helmets
cause he had a red helmet. I like pretty ladies
because they are pretty preferably Megan Fox.
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