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Telus - Organization Structure

No description

Thanh Ma

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Telus - Organization Structure

Organizational Structure
"They way they have divided their labour and the patterns of coordination, communication, workflow, and formal power that direct organization activities"
It establishes the chain of command, focuses people around common mental mentals
Mechanistic Structure
"High degree of formalization and centralization"
Established in 1990
Span of Control
Upper management:
Wide span of control (large number of employees who report to them)

Executive Chair
Darren Entwistle
Joe Natale
13.3 Million customer connections
Provide wireless, data, IP, voice, television, entertainment and video services
Two fundamental parts of organization structure include:
How the company has divided their labour into a variety of jobs for different individuals to do
The way they coordinate these work activities
TELUS uses
formal hierarchy
which assigns legitimate power to individuals, who then use this power to direct work processes and allocate resources
Standardization of outputs:
Different work units each have clearly defined goals
: Customers First strategy, a number one priority company-wide
Ex: Joe Natale (Former CCO) lead over 25,000 employees
Narrow Span of Control:
Different for each team (other teams may include 6-12 members)

Standardized behaviour through rules, procedures, formal training, and related mechanisms
Must standardize procedures to have a consistent experience for employees and customers nation-wide
Coordinated work activities through formal hierarchy
Organization chart showing how the company and its employees are grouped together
Encourages specific people and work units to coordinate through informal communication
Matrix Structure
Combination of:
Functional Structure:
Organizes employees around specific knowledge of resources
Divisional Structure:
Separates employees based on their geographical area, products/services or by clients
Divides employees based on product
Divide their clients into groups of home consumers, small businesses or corporate clients
Wireline Service vs.Telus Mobility
Optik TV vs. Internet
Client Issues
Two Main Critical Issues:
inability to recognize the customer’s emotion
and react in a way that resolves their issue leaving them satisfied with the company
lack of communication
throughout the hierarchy of the organization, as well as poor communication between the customer and service representative
Inability to Recognize Customer Emotions
Does not hold accountability to certain issues among customers
Causes questioning about integrity
Lack of emotional intelligence
Been known to intentionally lie in order to save face
Build a wall of excuses to provide personal security
Lack of Communication
Inability to communicate with their internal and external environments
Poor job in monitoring incoming and outgoing calls
Customers are promised follow-up phone calls which don't occur
Lack of Communication
The inability to clearly express what each service offers
Company is too diverse
Customers are overwhelmed with hidden fees since packages are so specific
Customers are being charged incorrectly
Failure to change customer's private information
Mail being sent incorrectly
Compromised information through representatives
Employee Issues
Lack of employee recognition, relationship with management or basic overall purpose
Employee motivation is driven through salary-based incentives
Abuse of authority in management
Management acting as a dictatorship rather than having an environment full of equality and encouragement
Inconsistency of company values through departments
"Best departments are fast-paced, supportive, fun and have good work/life balance. Others are the opposite."
Lack of communication between upper-level management and their employees
Restricts room for growth or development
Identity gets lost in numbers and structured organizations
Results in a distinct hierarchy
Numerous managers hold a specific self-entitlement due to authority
Makes employees feels as if they're working in a large mechanical environment
Handling Customer Complaints
Create training program to increase emotional intelligence
“Employees with higher emotional intelligence are better able to regulate their emotions during debate, which reduces the risk of escalating perceptions of interpersonal hostility” - McShane & Steen
A service representative of Telus who is better trained in conflict resolution, and has higher emotional intelligence would be able to cool down angry customers and offer different possible solutions rather than not hold any accountability for problems as seen in the past.
Improve the other training programs they already in place
To better standardize their employees’ skills
Although they have invested over a quarter billion dollars into training and development
Focus more on the divisional portion to specialize their employee skills around the products and services they provide
Separate training programs for employees working with different products
Customers Experience Extensive Wait Times
Specialized representatives working during peak call in times
Give front line employees more authority to resolve customer concerns at the first point of contact
Ability to reverse service fees
Able to apply credits in the form of temporary service incentives for the customer
Empower the employees:
Give employees a higher level of autonomy
As well as a higher sense of purpose
Communication Issues
(Customers & Employees)
Customers are surprised at hidden details of their service packages
Develop an interactive package selector tool
Ability to recommend a couple options for packages that would be best-fitted to that exact customer
Proven effective by other companies such as RBC Royal Bank and their online “Account Selector”
Customer would feel more comfortable and would know exactly what they were getting into
Communications Issues
(Employees & Superiors)
Give lower level employees more authority
Eliminate the current feeling of self-entitlement that the managers
This will give the employees a higher sense of autonomy they will feel more equal to their superiors
Organizational Structure
Company Issues
Client & Employee

While Telus has become a successful company since built in 1990, they still have a few obstacles to overcome
Need to
increase emotional intelligence
among their employees and give more authority to their service representatives to provide an immediate solution to the customer’s needs.
Need to
enhance their current training program
to standardize employee skills and have more specialized customer service representatives during peak hours.
Need to
improve communication
by creating an interactive package selector tool to better inform customers of the best products for their needs
By making these improvements it will allow TELUS to
further their success
for years to come.
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