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What are your Possible Selves?

No description

Jennifer D'Amico

on 29 July 2015

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Transcript of What are your Possible Selves?

Hopes, Expectations, and Fears
Skills and Values
Before we think about who we might become, we consider the skills we already have and the values that we have.
Strengths and Interests
We also want to consider what we know we do well along with what interests us.
Areas of Growth
Identifying areas of growth will help guide us to future goals and areas for improvement.
Talk amongst yourselves and think about what you think each of these words mean:

How might these words be connected to each other?

Possible Selves are ideas about the person you could become in the future. It is based on your Hopes, Expectations, and Fears.
Who could you become as a person
On this branch, you want to consider who you could be as a person.
What possible jobs could I have?
On this branch, you will write what careers you could have.
What could your life be as a learner?
On this branch, you will write your hopes and expectations for yourself as a learner
What are your Possible Selves?
We should also identify those things that we fear could get in the way of us achieving our hopes and expectations. If we know what could get in our way, we can be proactive and work to prevent it!
Think about:
What kind of schooling do I expect of myself?
What do I expect of myself as a student?
What do I hope for myself as a learner?
Think about:
What do I expect to be?
What do I expect of myself as a person?
What do I hope for myself as a person 5 years from now?
What do I hope for myself as a person when I'm an adult?

Think about:
What do I expect of myself for a career?
What careers do I hope to have?
Include what you learned about yourself when you
researched careers!

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