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DyMess - Next Steps

So we have deployed a few emails using DyMess. How can we make it better?

sak sak

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of DyMess - Next Steps

DyMess - The Next Steps. So we have deployed a few emails using DyMes.
Now how do we get the best out of it? Personalise your creative, Sam. Give A Personal Touch To Your Messages

Hey Julie,

We got the perfect recipe for you to enjoy this weekend with your friends!
blah, blah, blah.

Hope you enjoyed it and let us know about it!

Know More About Your List Click here for some of our delicious Veggie recipes.
blah, blah, blah

Hey, if you prefer red meat, we have tons of those (recipes) too!
blah, blah, blah
Keep 'n eye on t'em figures. Create default report
- Look for "Any Complaints"
Recognize any email ids?
It could be that of your competitor's.
Its a dog-eat-dog world out there... Look for "Hard Bounces"
Everyone makes mistakes.
Is the hard bouce a result of spelling mistake in the email address? Now That You Know... Hey, Look up! Use "Lookup" tables to arrange chunks of your email that would appeal to the respective segments. Go, splurge.
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