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How BrightECO Supports a Virtuous Circle of Economic Prosperity

Your invitation to Jump into the Circle

Karen Haski

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of How BrightECO Supports a Virtuous Circle of Economic Prosperity

Investors See Deals on aiWeek
Investors & Venture Teams Videoconference via aiWeek
Venture Offers Units via Private Placement
Company Interlists on US Exchange via Qualified IPO - Has 10 Analysts
Rapidly Grow the Public Company - the PEG Ratio Hockeysticks
The early-stage, high growth venture's
invests to seed a new venture which initiates yet another
Virtuous Circle
It is a condition in which a favorable circumstance gives rise to another positive result that subsequently supports the first. It's also called a virtuous cycle.
Virtuous Circle
Venture Lists on the TSX-V
Venture offers Units in a Regulation A Offering up to $4.7 Million
ESOP Invests in New Venture
Have a Bright Idea?
Join our
An inventor or innovator has a bright idea that is scalable and disruptive, something really cool.
A simple idea like connecting with each other using cellphones and apps resulted in more than
Divide Founder Shares
Company Gives Back to Support BrightChange
will enable investors and entrepreneurs to create REAL ongoing economic growth and personal wealth by participating in a synergistic cycle of change - a

You'll help investors, entrepreneurs and communities PROSPER!
6,400,000,000 mobile subscribers worldwide!
the mind of an entrepreneur
with the power to bring prosperity, rapid growth and stability to our communities.
It starts with
My idea is pretty BRIGHT and scalable, too!
Start a Venture
Venture Undergoes Due Diligence
Venture Connects with Its Advisors
A Bright Idea Ignites.
That's over 6 Billion Connections
BEST Due Diligence
will prov
cost-sensitive, uniquely affordable, independent, thorough
Due Diligence Reports

for ventures shown on
aiWeek Media
as emerging,

high-growth investment deals to
Due Diligence Investors Can Trust
venture teams gain access to

Advisors who will guide venture companies' growth from their concept through their listing on the TSX-V and beyond.
Venture Teams Access BEST Advisors
The ESOP Invests in new aiWeek Ventures
Welcome to
our investor-venture
ecosystem supported by
So let's jump into the circle.
So, what is a Virtuous Circle ?
BEST Advisors help the founding team to divide and set aside Units for those people who significantly contribute to starting the business.
Founders' Units are Divided
It is a condition in which a favorable circumstance gives rise to another positive result that subsequently supports the first.
stands for
BrightChange Executive Service Taskforce.

Highly-qualified professionals from across the globe provide
Bright Ventures© with services for patents, legal, financial, taxes, data, research, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, distribution,

exporting, security, technical, web, pricing, incentives, ESOP and more.
What is BEST ?
Bright Ventures with Due Diligence Reports

are featured as
venture deals

for subscribing member investors to view and select to download more info.
aiWeek Members Chat Online with Venture Teams
Ventures Sell Regulation D, Rule 506 Units
Investors from all over the world who are vetted as "accredited" by the

redit Union
, assuring ventures that they qualify, can purchase Units with exercisable Rights for

deals they select, getting in early before the venture company goes public.
Ventures offering
Regulation A (of 1933)
securities to
subscribing investors (who are accredited investors, everyday Americans residing in 'free' states or other qualified investors) will be backed by standby underwriting through a

Beacon Investment Partners
(Business Development Corporation).

Learn about BDCs at http://beaconinvestmentpartners.com.
Investors Make Sound Investment Decisions
The Venture Becomes a Public Company.
Investors Prosper.
Listing on the
, the Toronto Stock Exchange - Venture, the
, now a new public company, gets an analyst and the funding required to grow rapidly. Early investors who discover ventures on
aiWeek Media
make tremendous profits.

Founding entrepreneurs retain control.
BEST and BrightECO Continue Support
As the
-turned-public company grows and prospers, it contributes its first $1 million in charitable gifts to
in support of the
Virtuous Circle
, sustaining the growth of future ventures.
Continue Perpetuating Growth & Change
The new public company receives ongoing guidance and advice from its BEST team to support its growth through EB-5 investment, mergers and acquisitions, subsequent Regulation A filings and other growth strategies.
Company Has Its Initial Public Offering in the USA
The Company has its qualified IPO, gains more analysts and is set to grow with expanded funding.

Early investors and founders who retain control of their company reap the rewards.
Visit http://

Visit http://
and http://
Become an advisor at http://
Subscribing member investors can choose deals of interest, download the venture's Due Diligence Report, submit questions and interview the venture team face-to-face online to decide if investing in the specific early-stage growth opportunity is appealing to them.
Print Script
ESOP - Employee Stock Ownership Plan
A plan by which a company's capital stock is bought by its employees or workers.
Features Deals
, our powerful investor-venture ecosystem, leads to financial success through support of our
Virtuous Circle
to stimulate ongoing economic growth and prosperity.
What makes this Virtuous Circle work ?

And that is why

Virtuous Circle
breaks the cycle of poverty, keeps jobs in the US and enables investors, entrepreneurs and workers to prosper.
Visit us at
aiWeek Media


at http://BrightChange.org.

Become a
advisor at http://bestadvisory.org.
I retain control of my own company, employees are invested as owners, founders and investors rapidly prosper, and communities become healthy and self-sustaining

because of
Ventures Find Support at BrightChange
BrightChange is a nonprofit accelerator
that will support emerging growth ventures on
aiWeek Media
in our
Virtuous Circle

by providing entrepreneurs, innovators, graduate - doctoral - postdoc researchers, inventors and scientists

with fully-funded collaborative
— BEST Advisory, BEST Due Diligence,

ECOLab, ECOFactory, Buyers&Producers Cooperative and B&P Credit Union —
coalesce to guide entrepreneurial ventures on their path to go public, grow and succeed.
will offer its members access to the
Producers Coop
for meaningful selling and savings opportunities. Emerging start-up ventures benefit by purchasing discounted, high quality office equipment, hardware, software, furnishings, 3D printers-fabricators, professional services travel, hotels, logistics and food/beverages they need to launch their successful socially-/environmentally-responsible new businesses.
Member entrepreneurs and BEST Advisors can benefit by selling their products and services through the
P Coop
to the
community. Additionally, the
P Credit Union
will serve as an intermediary between the two parties, much like PayPal.
Gain Access to the Producers
Buyers Coop
Credit Union Vets Investors for Entrepreneurs
resources also include a member-only credit union that will provide venture teams with a single source for pre-qualifying accredited investors.
As a financial fiduciary, the
P Credit Union
will vet accredited investors (AIs) so that venture teams issuing private placement securities will be in compliance with SEC rules for qualifying investors. Entrepreneurs can be reasonably assured that every investor in their private placement satisfies each investor's country’s rules defining an accredited investor.
The Coop & Credit Union Unite for Strong Value
BEST Advisors serving venture teams can be confident they will receive payment as their fees will be "set aside' in the
P Credit Union
for work performed for emerging companies.
As another value-add,

aiWeek Media
will offer subscribers access to membership in the
P Coop,
including unique targeted online and event promotional opportunities connect with

subscriber millionaires.
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