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Samori Toure

No description

dishon solomon

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Samori Toure

Samori Toure
Who he is. He was the founder of the Wassoulou Empire, an Islamic state that resisted French rule in West Africa from 1882 to his capture in 1898. What did he do. Samori led the resistance movement
in west africa against the french What he accomplished He built in empire in west africa
he had the third largest empire fought off the french for 16 years What caused the conflict between
Samori Toure and the french. The french wanted to expand there
empire onto west africa. When he become faama
what did he do? He created his own empire and made bissandugu his capital
and started exchanging goods.
the french army
What they did before the battle. They believed in magic water called
the maji-maji which made them think
there bullets would turn into water The Maji Maji water The empire of samori Toure
Maji Maji water the vehicle they used How many people they had what they do in training West africa Where he lived Pottery of africa
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