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Child Abuse In California

Mock UN project. Childrens' right to not be abused.

Leora Leora

on 4 April 2010

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Transcript of Child Abuse In California

All Children Have the Right to NOT be Abused Child Abuse Rights In California In America... Everyday, nearly five kids die as a result of some form of child abuse.Three of these kids are aged under four.

Aproxamatley every ten seconds, at least one person reports child abuse.

68% of children, who are sexually abused, are related to the person abusing them.

Over five-million children are abused every year.

Why are children being abused? If abuseing your child is illigal, why are people still mistreating their kids? Why are these kids being hurt when most of us live so painlessly?
mental stability -> drugs/alcohol
power craving
anger/unhappiness -> problems with work,money etc. (and a need to take it out on someone) What Do I Plan To Do? Childrens' protection center -> snaks/games, counselors, beds etc.
Counselors for major schools and schools in common abuse areas
Workshops with child specialists to teach families to discipline children

What do I need to accomplish this? Protections center: $1 million
Games, social workers and other needs: $79 thousand
Posters: $50
School counselors: $600 thousand
Child specialist: $30 thousand
Further fundraising: $1 thousand $3, 210, 000 What rights are being violated? Articles: 16, 19, 34, 37, and 39 Children should be protected from harm and abuse, should not be hurt without reason and must be helped to recover from any physical or emotioal assault. Thank You
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