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Renewable and Flow Resources

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Daneet Singh

on 22 June 2013

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Transcript of Renewable and Flow Resources

Renewable and Flow Resources
How has technology affected the use of various natural resources?
Canada is the power house for producing more electricity and also for running more water than other countries. Brazil, U.S.A and China also have lots of electricity for running water. Most of these nations have the same characteristics. Running water flow resource is a renewable and non renewable resource because it is been living for a long time and we take care of it so it won’t get destroyed but the water flow will eventually get destroyed. Water flow always moves it never stays in one spot. Water is always a resource but humans do science experiments and it gets ruined. The water flow resource also gets ruined when we use water for no reason. Running water flows are almost the same has hydro plants. Hydro plants are produced in 150 countries. Hydro power has been used since ancient time. To use hydro power you need to build dam's if it is a large river.
Forests are profitable resources. Companies harvest mature trees. Small trees get damaged when big trees fall on them or if large trees get dragged out of a forest. In a forest no seeds are required to make trees. Forests are renewable resources because you could take their seeds and grow them again. Forests are resources because they give oxygen and paper. Forest's are managed by forest companies. To work at a forest you need licenses and agreements because you have to take care of one of the biggest resources in Canada. Canada has most of the best forest's in the world. Canada has ten percent of the world's forest's. Forest's have more then 850,000 jobs. Some forest's are being cut down but there are still some that are not cut down. Less then one percent of Canada's forests are harvested. Forest's are natural resources. Seeds are not needed to grow a forest because they start growing by themselves.

Importance of Natural Resources to different countries
Brazil has many natural resources like fresh water. Which makes them save money; unlike Haiti they are really poor because they have a limited supply of resources. So they have to import a lot of resources which makes them spend money. Brazil also has tons of oil. Oil is their main resource, so they make a lot of money off oil. China has a lot of sea food, so this means that they are rich and healthy. China exports a lot of their sea food to North America.
Technology is everywhere you go. Technology has some positive and negative facts.

Positive impacts:
- When some people use technology for work
- Also important things like health issues such as surgery, ex-rays etc.
- For education; such as research or to do a project.
Negative impacts:
-People use there devices to play games.

- When you sit there and watch T.V for 3 hours.
- When you get bored and go on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.
- When harming nature and/or other resources.
Resources and Technology

Water flow resources

Earth has the same amount of water from when it first formed. More than 1 billion people have no access to fresh water. One in three people living in Asia don’t have fresh water. Fresh water is renewable; this means that we can reuse fresh water. When you use the washroom your urine goes through a process to make it clean for drinking. The process is first you pee and flush the toilet then your pee gets filtered and goes back to Lake Ontario where you get your toilet, fountain and tap and some bottled water from. This process is very important because it is an effective way so that we are able to save as much water as we can. This is why polluting rivers and oceans is a bad idea, because you or your children will need it to live. Imagine having to pay $30 for a cup of water. When water is not available any more only those who are really rich will be able to afford clean, fresh water.

Fresh Water: A Renewable Source
Forests: A Renewable Source
Forests are renewable because you can pick the seeds from the plats in the forest so you can re-plant the tree or plant, The problem is that when people cut down trees they don’t plant the seeds so that they renew the resource. Since people are doing this the area forests take up is going down a lot. Conservation efforts are helping but are corrupted. For example they usually have big factories which cause a lot of pollution. Some of them don’t even try use habitat protection. Habitat protection is important because it insures that the animals and plants will be able to grow and will not be killed or cut down for fun or any other wrong reasons.
In the future:
In the future scientist say that robots are going to think act and relate to humans. Also scientist say that robots might be cleaning, cooking for us and even babysitting the children. Also, they may be flying cars, super smart phones, mind controlled T.V remotes and maybe even time machines. In the future there could also be problems that we don't even know of in this time period.
Three types of natural resources!
Natural resources can be neatly divided into the three groups; renewable, non- renewable and flow. First I will be talking about renewable resources. Renewable resources can be place by itself in a short time. Some examples for renewable resources are: Fresh water, forest, fish etc. Those were some examples for renewable resources. The second thing I will be talking about is non-renewable resources. Some examples of non-renewable resources are metallic minerals, such as; silver, gold and copper and, the energy fuels like; natural gas, oil and coal must be stretched by recycling them. The last natural resource is flow resources. A flow resource does not fit either category well. Some examples are; running water, wind, tides and solar radiation etc. Now you know about the three natural types of resources.
Technology is important because we use technology to go to places. For example when you go to someone's house and they live far away you can use your car, but when they're really near you may drive. Anyways, technology resources are a set of knowledge and skills that a society uses to carry out useful tasks. When people turn things into natural resources, it depends on technology. Some examples of technology are: machines, computers, cell phone, telephone etc.
This is a video of how hydroelectric power works.
Question: How do people use renewable and flow resources?

They use renewable and flow resources to make energy and technology. They also use resources to make clothes, to make food etc. Anything that is useful to human beings is a resource.
The End!
By: Daneet, Mumtaz, Veerpal, Sahib
-Government and other intelligence sources can track us.
Tropical Rain Forests
Tropical rain forests are being cut down for lumbering. They are also called “The lungs of the planet “because they produce great amounts of oxygen so that means that there is allot of wildlife in the tropical rain forests. The golden Toad got extinct in 1989 because of lumbering. If all of the in the world are gone we will have a lack of oxygen and food because of the animals will be dead.
Fishing a renewable resource
Fishing is a type of recreation but nowadays you need to know where to fish because the population of fish has gone down by allot.Comercial fishing has the same problem that we have where to look for fish.Some Humans think that their is a unlimited supply of fish because the earths surface is covered 3 quarters of ocean,so that's why we humans fish so carelessly.Once fish were so plentifull until a explorer named John Cabot scoped them up from the ocean with baskets.There is a serious concern around the world about the futre of fish stocks.
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