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Cell Analogy - Concert

A cell is like a concert.

Fiona O.

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Cell Analogy - Concert

Cell Analogy - Concert A concert is like a cell.

By: Fiona O. The security guards are like a Cell Wall The ticket place is like a cell membrane Amps are like Chloroplasts The floor is like cytoplasm Musicians are like Ribosomes The singer is like a Mitochondria. Isles are like the Endoplasmic Reticulum They protect the arena from CRAZY fans.
"The cell wall surrounds the cell and it
supports and protects the cell." The ticket place controls who gets in and
out of the concert. So, it supports and
protects the arena.
"The cell membrane controls who gets in and out of the cell, also it protects and s supports the cell The amps uses energy to make sound loud enough for people to hear.
"The chloroplast makes energy (food) for the cell. The celebrity pumps up the crowd, or
gives energy to the crowd.
"Mitochondria makes energy for the cell
from sugar" It's everywhere! Just like cytoplasm. The musicians make music.
"Ribosomes make protein." It leads the audience to their seats.
"Leads protein and other materials to
seats." A custodian is like a Lylosome The custodian cleans up after the show.
"Lylosomes breaks down food and other cell parts, therefore, it's cleaning the cell" THAANKS!! The manager is like a Nucleus The manager controls how the concert will be like.
"The nucleus controls the cell."
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