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Copy of Preposition Prezi

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Arpit Rajauria

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Preposition Prezi

By: Jeffrey Barrett and
Casey Schnell #26

What is a preposition?
A preposition is a word that shows
a relationship between a noun
(or pronoun) and another word in
a sentence
Find The Prepositions In The Following Sentences;

Example 1- The dog's ball was below the owner's foot.
Example 2- I was near my grandma's house on my way to the football game.
Example 3- I was with my friend at starbucks so we could get drinks.
A Way To Remember Prepositions Easier:

Prepositions ALWAYS state where something is.
Example 4- A flock of tiny birds flew over the trees near the lake.
Prepositions Mini Lesson
For Toddlers
Prepositions Learning Lesson
(This shows you how to easily
find prepositions in a sentence.
This video is made by a real
If You want to learn more about
Prepositions go to the website
We hoped you learned something!!!
I didn't add anything this time
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