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No description

Dionysia Tan

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Plants

Plants are living things because they... What are some common plant parts? Stem It helps to support the branches and leaves Need air, food and water
Respond to changes around them
Move by themselves Plants Roots
Fruits Roots Leaves Flowers Fruits They help to absorb water for the plant Under the ground Above the ground Hanging in the air They make food for the plant They help the plant to bear fruit Do all plants have flowers? No. Flowering Non-flowering Flowering Non-
flowering Plants Leaves come in different... sizes shapes colours edges Singly In a cluster The part of the plant that develops from a flower Seeds in the fruit help the plant to reproduce moss
ferns Frangipani
Jasmine Water Lily
Rafflesia Strong stem Weak stem What have we learned today? 1. Different parts of a plant

2. There is a diversity of plants

3. Plants can be similar or different in their plant parts and whether they have flowers
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