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Primary Care Presentation

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Karina Moyano

on 24 October 2016

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Transcript of Primary Care Presentation

Primary Care Systems
What are the evidence-based interventions?
Clinician's Toolkit
There are guidelines, templates, sample office algorithms, and logs for CHCs to adopt in practice.
Tuyet Iaconis
Senior Manager - Nor Cal
Judith Martinez
Account Representative
Primary Care Systems
Focus on supporting primary care systems to
increase breast
colorectal cancer screening rates and early detection
through evidence-based strategies

The American Cancer Society can bridge the gap in reaching the medically underserved through
collaboration and resources
Northern Valley Indian Health Clinic
In the 2012-2013 Walmart for Change grant funding year, Northern Valley Indian Health (NVIH)
increased breast cancer screening rates for women age 52+ from 42% to 66%
using a community outreach model. Following award of a second year of funding, NVIH will use this same model to increase breast cancer screening rates for an expanded demographic of women age 40+ from
58.8% to 70%

To date, the 8 awareness events held this year have reached 293 women. Immediately following each event, many women made mammogram appointments with their respective clinics, which highlights the NWWC’s successful approach in promoting this important, life-saving screening.

Borrego Health
Borrego Health has partnered with ACS to improve colorectal cancer screening rates. They have identified the clinic with the lowest screening rates to implement an intervention project.

Arlanza Family Health Center will implement client reminder interventions using funding from CDOC for
client reminders
. ACS has also provided funding to purchase
for uninsured patients.
What is a CHANGE grant?
Corporate funders (such as Walmart, Walgreens, NFL, WellPoint, and Lee Denim) have contributed resources to fund the
dvocates implementing Nationwide Grants for
mpowerment and
quity (CHANGE) program.

Since 2011, the Society has awarded nearly
100 grants
to community based partners
314,000 men and women
have been reached with cancer prevention and early detection education and outreach
122,000 cancer screenings
have been provided.

What's a Primary Care System?
In 2014, the Primary Care Systems staff will focus its priorities on
214 Primary Care Systems
within California- which include 827 primary care clinic sites.

There are different types of Primary Care Systems:
Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)
Total patients served in the US: 20.2 million
Total patients served in CA: 3.1 million
Community Health Centers (CHC)
Health Center Networks
Indian Health Services (IHS)
Health Worker Networks
Free Health Clinics
Implementing System Change
One community health system can have multiple sites in many communities. By working with Medical and Clinic Directors, cancer screening interventions and early detection education can reach patients across the health system.
Sonia Pinal
Account Representative
Jessica Jamison
Senior Director
Karina Moyano
Account Representative
Ruth Sigala
Account Representative
Ilda Zepeda
Senior Manager - So Cal
Boyce Sanders
Account Representative
Primary Care Systems Team
Socorro Carrillo
Account Representative
Why focus on Breast and
Colorectal cancer?
The Community Preventive Services Task Force released the following findings on what works in public health to increase breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening rates.
Primary Care Systems implement evidence-based interventions to increase screening and early detection for breast and colorectal cancer.

Help communities increase CRC screening rates to 80% by 2018

Partner with systems on CHANGE grants in the community

Assist accounts with resources, materials, and support
This toolbox was created in partnership with
National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable
. Visit
for the toolkit and more information.
Brian Shaw
Account Representative
Judith Martinez
Account Representative
Community Examples
Linda Sites
Mission Delivery Specialist
Tools and Resources
Dr. Richard Wender
Chief Cancer Control Officer
"Our organizations stand united in the belief that we can
eliminate colorectal cancer
as a major public health problem. We have screening technologies that work, the national capacity to apply these technologies, and effective local models for delivering the continuum of care in a more organized fashion.

Our efforts can
empower communities
, patients, providers,
community health centers
health systems
to embrace these models and develop the partnerships needed to deliver coordinated, quality
colorectal cancer screening and follow up care

Society Source, February 3, 2014

Funded 9/2013 - 9/2014
North East Valley Health Corp - LA County, $80,000

Funded 3/2014 - 3/2015
Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas - Monterey County, $50,000

North County Health Services - San Diego County, $50,000
Funded 10/2014 - 12/2014
Mini-grant Screening Day
San Francisco Department of Health - SF County, $10,000
Sutter Cancer Center - Sacramento County, $10,000

Funded 10/2013 - 10/2014
Riverside & San Bernardino County Indian Health -
Riverside County, $50,000
Funded 9/2013 - 9/2014
Northern Valley Indian Health - Glenn, Butte, & Yolo Counties, $40,000
Funded 12/2013 - 12/2014
Salud Para la Gente - Santa Cruz County, $40,000
AltaMed Health Services Corporation
Indian Health Center
Samuel Dixon Family Health Center
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
La Maestra Family Health Center
San Francisco DPH
Avenal Community Health Center
Mayview Community Health
San Jose Foothill Clinic
Bakersfield American Indian Health Project
Mendocino Coast Clinics
San Ysidro Health Center
Borrego Health- Arlanza site
Monterey County Health Department
Santa Rosa CHC
Camarena Health Care
Neighborhood Health Care
Share Our Selves Clinic
Castle Family Health Centers
Nhan Hoa Health Center
South Central Family Health Center
Clinica De Salud Del Valle De Salinas
North County Health Services
Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center
Clinica Sierra Vista
North Orange County Regional Health
Toiyabe Indian Health Project
Clinica de Salud del Pueblo
Northeast Valley Health Corporation
Tri-City Health Center
Community Health Centers - Central Coast
Northern Valley Indian Health, Inc.
Tulare Health Clinic
Comprehensive Community Health Center
Omni Family Health Care
Tule River Indian Health Center
East Valley Community Clinic
Operation Samahan
UMMA Clinic
Family Health Care Network
Riverside & San Bernardino Indian Health
United Health Centers
Gardner Family Health
Riverside Health System- RCRMC Site
Watts Healthcare Corporation
Golden Valley Health Centers

Hurtt Family Health Clinic
Salud Para La Gente

Current Clinic Partnerships
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