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Sheep Heart Dissection

No description

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Sheep Heart Dissection

Sheep Heart Dissection
By Lauren Wincher
-Maya B.
-Jessilee J.
Anatomy & Physiology
Block 3
-To identify structures of the sheep heart to gain understanding and make comparisons with that of the human heart.
Safety goggles
Lab apron
Dissecting tray
Metal Probe
Sheep heart
Observations- Anterior
Observations- Posterior
1. Put on all safety gear
2. Rinse heart under water to remove excess preservative and observe the external surface of the heart
3. Scrape away any adipose tissue seen on the heart to expose and identify the coronary blood vessels with the aid of the scalpel and tweezers
4. Identify structures of the heart, such as the base,apex, and coronary arteries, and note the differences between the left and right tissues
5. Use the scalpel to cut the heart in the coronal plane in order to separate the heart into the anterior and posterior halves
6. Identify the openings of the coronary arteries and insert the probe into one of the holes and follow its course across the heart
7. Examine one of the heart halves making note of the interior structures of the atria and ventricles and their similarities and differences to their adjacent side's
8. Observe the similarities and differences of the right and left muscle of the as well as the differences in ventricle size
9. Once you have finished identifying all the structures and their features dispose of the heart and other waste in the designated container and clean and dry all tools including the dissecting tray
10. Dispose of gloves and sanitize the work area returning all lab equipment, and safety equipment, in their designated areas
Sheep Heart Dissection

Observations- Interior
Analysis- Web
Analysis- Flow Chart
Sheep hearts are very similar to human hearts in that their functions are nearly the same as well as structure wise, which is why sheep hearts are used to study from in a classroom setting. Although they are identical in structure as well as function, sheep hearts are noticeably larger and have a pulmonary trunk at the top of the heart.
Ligament Arteriosum
Left Ventricle
Pulmonary Trunk
Left Atrium
Left Auricle
Right Ventricle
Right Atrium
Right Auricle
Brachiocephalic Artery
Superior Vena Cava
Right Ventricle
Left Ventricle
Right Atrium
Left Atrium
Auricle of Right Atrium
Superior Vena Cava
Pulmonary Artery
Right Atrium
Right Ventricle
Tricupsid Valve
Left Atrium
Left Ventricle
Chordae Tendoneae
Trabeculae Carneae
Interventricular Septum
Papillary Muscle
Basic Structure
Pulmonary trunk at top of heart
Different entry angles for vessels entering the heart
Blood enters the right atrium through the superior and inferior vena cava
Blood goes through the tricuspid valve into the right ventricle
Blood is pushed out the pulmonary valve to the pulmonary artery to go to the capillaries and alveoli of the lungs
Blood then enters the left atrium via the four pulmonary veins
Blood flows through the mitral valve into the left ventricle to proceed through the aortic valve and finally the aorta to be distributed to the rest of the body
Sheep Heart
Human Heart
Larger chambers
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