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on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Team S'Baggers Restaurant Present by
Jie Peng s2839649
Dimitri s2841906
Renae s2864450
Mark s2735443
Mandy s2830995 Presantation will from 4 aspects
analyze the case SWOT ANALYSIS WEAKNESS Thank you for listening We hope you enjoy it SWOT Analysis STRENGTH s'Baggers Unique selling point of the s'Baggers
Concept of the restaurant as customers' aspect
concept of the resaurant as a manager Unique Selling Point of ’s Baggers Restaurant ’s Baggers restaurant has revolutionised the ever growing and changing Hospitality Industry
Attracts a variety of different target demographics through various unique selling points This concept includes:
High Quality foods at Low Prices
Patent Technology
Restaurant Software
Restaurant Characteristics High Quality Food at Low Prices
’s Baggers freshly prepares dishes cooked with local and organic ingredients that are low in fat and offering excellent value for money Unique Selling Point of ’s Baggers Restaurant Cont Patent Technology

’s Baggers uses customer interaction as one of their unique selling points

Meals and drinks are ordered by customers at the table using the EPOS system Restaurant Software

enables ’s Baggers to operate a loyalty bonus scheme as well as offering bonuses to customers who recommends the restaurant

software also offers pictures and descriptions of dishes Restaurant Characteristics
’s Baggers is known as a Franconian restaurant using Franconian food presentation

The restaurant concept is not only based on the system efficiency but also based on customer satisfaction and creating a totally different experience •Fast, convenience

Low labour cost=> low price (reasonable price)

Enjoyable, interesting OPPORTUNITIES 1st type of this restaurant in the world=> customer awareness

Attracting customer who want to try new form of restaurant

Franchising systems

Licensing concept Lack of service

Hard to communicate

Costly to maintain

IT Problem THREAT Preferring of traditional restaurant

Customer feels unrepectful such as the rail's food system for animal. Concept of the restaurant as customers' aspect New experience and entertainment value

Easy (convenient) and efficient

High quality and inexpensive. Concept of the restaurant as customers' aspect Management Positive and Negatives Views of the Concept Positive • Reduce Over heads
• Measure up to Mintal Organization Studies 2011
• Instant feedback Management Positive and Negatives Views of the Concept Negative • System may break
• Short term craze Any questions?
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