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The Food That The Calusa Indians Ate

No description

Dodo Bird

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of The Food That The Calusa Indians Ate

The Food That The Calusa Indians Ate
The Calusa Indian tribe lived in the southwest side of Florida. The biggest population of the Calusa Indians was fifty thousand of them. Calusa means "fierce people" in their Native Calusa Language. The Calusa Indians were also known as the Shell Indians. They ruled the southwestern part of Florida and anyone who came upon their territory were named trespassers and were killed.
What Did They Eat?
The Calusa Indians didn't farm like other Florida Indian tribes. Instead, they fished for their food. The males would make the nets out of leaves from palm trees. They would fish on the coast, rivers, bays and small streams. They used handmade spears to hunt the eels and turtles. The children would learn to catch the lobsters, clams, crabs, and oysters.The Calusa Indians would eat cornbread. They also ate popcorn and chocolate as we still do today!
The Shell Indians
Were They Nice?
The Calusa Indians were not the friendliest indian tribe. In fact, they were not friendly at all. Not many other tribes came across them because they knew of the consequences.
Where Were They From?
The Calusa Indians were also called the Shell Indians. They were known to be the first shell collectors. Believe it or not, the Shell Indians did not only use their shells for jewelry, but also utensils and tools. Remember the spears that they used for food? Well, they were made out of shells!



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