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Bomi Lee

on 11 February 2011

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Transcript of TOK PRESENTATION - Wikileaks

What is Wikileaks? Wikileaks is a website that is used for publishing sensitive documents and news. WikiLeaks established an editorial policy that accepted only documents that were “of political, diplomatic, historical or ethical interest” WikiLeaks describes itself as “an uncensorable system for untraceable mass document leaking. we wish to reveal unethical behavior in governments and corporations. Our goal is to bring important news and information to the public." Knowledge Issues Is it right to publish this information? Ways of Knowing When looking at Wikileaks and the government information it publishes, the ways of knowing we use are Reason and Emotion Reason Emotion How is WikiLeaks beneficial to us? What are the Cons of Wikileaks? WikiLeaks has exposed 250,000 confidential government messages Who decides what information can be given to the public and which can't? releasing classified information to the public can be harmful to our national security dis·in·for·ma·tion | [ dìssinfər máysh'n ]
1. false information: false or deliberately misleading information, often put out as propaganda disinformation the information on wikileaks is released by anonimous whistleblowers, if the government denied what is written on Wikileaks it would just be WikiLeak's words against the governement.

If we know that at least some corruption exists in our government, it would then be foolish of us to think that the influences or entities behind this corruption, wouldn't at least consider spreading disinformation. The question then becomes, have they and if they have, what or where is this disinformation? Julian Assange said that 'This material shines light on the everyday brutality and squalor of war', however if this material is exposed it could create more tension rather than creating peace. What's Privacy?
Privacy of Personal Data, sometimes referred to as 'data privacy' and 'information privacy', is again related to the upper layers of Maslow's hierarchy. Individuals claim that data about themselves should not be automatically available to other individuals and organisations, and that, even where data is possessed by another party, the individual must be able to exercise a substantial degree of control over that data and its use. The last five decades have seen the application of information technologies to a vast array of abuses of data privacy Information is power We use reason to understand if this
leaked information is true. We
assume this information is real
mainly because it has created a lot
of controversy all around the world
with magazines such as 'the times'
publicizing this information. Emotions play a powerful role in shaping
thoughts, influencing behaviour, and
steering the pursuit of knowledge. Emotions
are a key to self-understanding and to
understanding the world.
As it will be shown in this presentation,
emotion allows different people to build
different judgments on this knowledge
Who decides how to control information?
Should it be the public or should the
government keep hiding information
that could be considered dangerous? The Public should be aware of all this information for various

- It is the duty of the state to reveal the workings of the government.
It is governments job to act diligently and responsibly in the best interest of the governed.

-If the information is correct and unfiltered then the only harm would be the truth.

-the only reason the people in those documents have any power or authority is because we elected them. We deserve to know where our tax money is being used, what it is being used for and what types of people are in control of it once it leaves out pockets.

- these are problems that concern the public, and the public therefore automatically has the right to know it

-the media has allowed government information to be more opened and secrecy might not be as necessary. WikiLeaks in Italy:
Italy’s politicians and Catholic Church are not doing enough to fight the Sicilian Mafia and the country’s other crime groups, according to a classified U.S. diplomatic cable posted by the website WikiLeaks.

“Politicians are not too focused on these issues,” the U.S. general counsel in Naples, J. Patrick Truhn, said in a cable sent on June 6, 2008, according to the leaked document. “At the national level it is generally referred to, if at all, as a ‘southern’ issue, although it affects the entire country.”

The Italian economy, Europe’s fourth biggest, shrank 5.1 percent in 2009 as the country experienced its deepest slump since World War II. Organized-crime groups boosted their revenue by 4 percent to 135 billion euros ($174.6 billion) in the same year, according to estimates from Rome-based anti-racketeering group SOS Impresa.

WikiLeaks documents also talk about Silvio Berlusconi and his love for parties with young girls. Although this seems like unnecessary information, it does rapresent the country we live in and the public can only react to it if they are aware of the issue.
Conclusion if the information is accessed by everybody, it can be used by foreign hostile countries or terrorist . If it gets in the hands of the wrong person it could be a real threat citizens elect politicians expecting them to do what's best for us. we don't base our election votes on honesty. the right thing to do could be to not mention what's going on. in a moment of crisis it would be healthier for citizens to be blissfully ignorant rather than make a situation worse by going ballistic. Conclusion A balance should be made as to which information can be published and which can't. But it is hard to draw this line as the government could easily take advantage of it wikileaks in south korea wikileaks has accelerated the prevailing tension between North and South Korea to an all-time high. The South Korean President took responsibility for the deadly North Korean artillery attack that killed four people and two civilians and injuring 18 others and issued a strong statement that retaliation could be a possibility.

The attack took place at the heavily populated Yeonpyeong island.

Following the attack on Monday, Nov 29, S Korean president Lee Myung-bak in a nationally televised statement said, "If the North commits any additional provocations against the South, we will make sure that it pays a costly price without fail."

South Korean president Lee Myung-bak expressed regret at being unable to protect residents of Yeonpyeong island from an "inhumane crime" by North Korea, which unleashed a barrage of artillery.
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