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Physical Therapy


Ian Flaherty

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Physical Therapy

General Contractor Job Description Contractors provide a variety of services including home repairs, plumbing, roofing, windows, installtions, revnovations, demos, flooring, additions, drywall, painting, and additions. A normal job includes meeting a client, giving them an estimate for the work, buying materials, doing the job, and getting payed. Working Conditions The working conditions can range from a dusty apartment building, to a roof in 105 degree weather, to a normal kitchen. In brief working conditions are good but sometimes hard on the body. College Programs At Everest Institute, in Texas, they offer a diploma in, Specifically Carpentry.
While This is not a requirement it is a good thing to have before starting a business. At the University of Michigan, they offer a great Engineering program which will serve helpful in trying to build anything. Courses to take at Good Counsel
Algebra 1 and 2
Spanish Highest level Developer/Builder
Donald Trump Lowest level Employee of a contracting Company or and Independent Contractor Highest $40,000 - $62,000 Lowest Earnings $900,000 Some sales can be worth millions of dollars when the location and conditions are right Requirements Highest Lowest Many employees
Take financial risks
Knowledge of economics
Company organization
Experience and a GED
Building Permit Tools
Able body
General Education
Contractor's license Responsibilities Paying employee wages
Managing company actions and decisions Keep your tools in good shape
Make the customers happy
Manage self finances Pros and Cons Highest Lowest More money
Bigger name
Less stress on own body Less money
More stress on own body
More financial stress
Hard to grow Pros Cons Less responsibilities
Less risks
More Hands on work More mental stress
More responsibilities
More risks at hand Website http://mihalkoscontracting.com/ When I went to this website their was information about the company's:
Their contact info.
Office location
Services provided
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