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Ulstein X-Bow

No description

Lisa Bergeron

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Ulstein X-Bow

Hull Shape and Efficiency
Ulstein X-Bow
Safety and Comfort
- Elimination of slamming and bow impact
- Soft entry in waves
- Less spray
- Reduced vibration levels
- Increased comfort and available crew rest time
- Safer workplace due to smoother motions and protection provided by hull
-Eliminates icing
Examples of Use Today
Bourbon Orca: 1st X-Bow, Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS), received numerous design awards
MIDN Killman

Extreme Front
Backward Slope
Bourbon Orca X-BOW
Heavy Tug
Increased Volume
Smoothly divides waves
Lower Resistance
Increased buoyancy
Higher transit speed
Improved fuel efficiency
26 NOV 2013
Comparative Testing
Backward-sloping bow
Increased volume
Forward-sloping bow
Testing of an offshore vessel with X-Bow
Equivalent offshore vessel with conventional bow
Oceanic Vega: Seismic Research Vessel, nominated for "Ship of the Year"
Hull Shape and Efficiency
Safety and Comfort
Comparative Testing
Examples of Use Today
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