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Wynnie Montana

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Organelles

Organelles By:
Elizabeth Stanford, Wynnter McGee, Christian Luna & Zakiyyah Muhammad The Function ? Homeostasis? Homeostasis is what makes the
body stable / Balanced Without it we would be in danger How does it work? Abby Analogy White Castle Nucleus Ribosomes Centrioles Lyosomes Mitochondria E.R. Golgi Apparatus Vacuole Stores Water The Janitors Closet Plant Cells Animal Cells Cell theory Differences Plant cells have a cell wall
Animal Cells have a smaller Vacuole Levels of organization Controls the cell and hereditary information Atoms
Tissue - Two or more similar cells working together
Organs - Two or more similar tissues working together
Organ System - Respiratory system
Organism - Human Chloroplasts Cell Membrane Produces energy (Power house) Thank You! Cell membrane would be the building Homeostasis would be the Tables Ribosomes are the burgers Makes Proteins Golgi Apparatus is the drive through
window. Breaks down material Mitochondria is the electricity The Highway of the Cell The E.R. is the drive through Janitor The Centrioles is the
Advertisement Barrier that surrounds the cell. Allows things to enter and leave. Carry out photosynthesis All life forms are made from one or more cells.
Cells only arise from pre-existing cells.
The cell is the smallest form of life. Has a part in cell division Packages molecules and ships them to a different cell components Stove The Manager Prokaryotes V.S Eukaryotes Cell type - Unicellular
Example - Bacteria
Binary Fission
Cell Size 10 - 100 um
No Nucleus
Flagella Cell Type - Multicellular
Example - Animal & Plants
Cell Size 1 - 10 um
Has a nucleus
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