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Shawn Scampoli

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Gary Schmidt Title, Author Created By... Main Charecters Setting and Time Holling is debating between being who he wants
to be in life or let his dad take control of
his life and be an architect. The Wednesday Wars by, Gary Schmidt Shawn Scampoli Holling Hoodhood - learns to stand
for himself and be what he wants to be
Mrs. Baker - helps Holling be himself
and get through his life's struggle
Mr. Hoodhood - wants Holling to be the
next one to take over the family
architecture company and only cares
about his business school year
Long Island Conflict The Wednesday Wars Themes be who you want to be
don't let others decide who you are Rising action Heather stands up to her dad by putting a flower on her check. Climax Holling stands up to his dad at Danny's party. Falling Action Holling's dad still doesn't understand that you don't become a man when you get a job. Holling's life vs. mine Holling's life isn't similar to mine because I don't like Shakespeare but I would still recommend the book. this book is for anybody who wants a fun read. hi guyz #swerve Narwhal
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