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The carbon cycle

No description

Elizabeth Scheil

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of The carbon cycle

The Carbon Cycle
Mya Strayer, Megan Lee, and Elizabeth Scheil
1st Hour ASL
In a world, filled with dying plants and animals, a tiny molecule of carbon arose from a dead plant. He was given superpowers that can save the world. But first, he must go on a field trip. He is SuperCO2!

3rd Stop: PLANTS
SuperCO2's 3rd stop is land
plants. He is used in a process
called PHOTOSYNTHESIS. He is a
very important part of that
plant. If more carbon is released
into the air, plants will grow a
lot faster. Unfortunetly,
SuperCO2's plant dies and he
continues his journey.
What Is The Carbon Cycle?
6th Stop: DEEP OCEAN
Now, SuperCO2 will be eaten by marine life. Marine life is the creatures the live in the oceans. Animals like plankton eat CO2 and then transfer the CO2 when they are eaten. When these plants and animals die they begin to decompose. When that happens, CO2 is released by their dead bodies and into the oceans. SuperCO2 can not be eaten, though.
His last mystery stop: the deep, deep, ocean. The deep ocean get it's carbon from marine life and the suface oean. The deep ocean as 65% of the world's carbon. SuperCO2 now must stay in the deep ocean for thousands of years. (Don't worry, we'll skip ahead!)
The carbon cycle is how carbon moves from one place to another and carbon is in everything. It is in the ocean, the air, and even the soil. The carbon cycle keeps us alive because it helps moderate the tempeture and the amount of carbon that is in the atmosphere. Plants need carbon and humans breathe out carbon.
2nd Stop:
SuperCO2's next mystery stop is the soil. When plants die and decompose, they release carbon into the soil. This is where SuperCO2 came from. The soil holds about 3% of the earth's carbon. SuperCO2 has fell into a seed and is going in the circle of life.
SuperCO2 can get here by either being difussed from the atmosphere or from circulating water in the deep ocean. The surface ocean will take in about 90,000 gigatons of carbon each year.
Thanks For Listening!
SuperCo2 has finished his field trip and is now resting inside his house, a big oak tree. He may be there for thousands of years, or he may be there for a few moments. Whatever the case, he will still be in the carbon cycle untill the end of time.
The End...
Or is it?
6th Stop: marine life
1st Stop: The Atmosphere
In order to save the world, SuperCO2 must visit 6 mystery places. His first stop is the atmosphere. In the atmosphere SuperCO2 will be be paired up with two particles of oxygen to make CARBON DIOXIDE. Only .04% of our atmosphere is carbon dioxide. Luckily, SuperCO2 has escaped.

I LOVE YOUR TREE!!!!!!!!!!
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