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Martinique's Historical Monuments

No description

Nancy Yang

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Martinique's Historical Monuments

Historical Monuments Martinique Le theatre de la ville Le Fort Saint Louis Espace Camille Darsieres Hotel De La Prefecture The Anse Cafard Memorial Listed as a historical monument in 1979
Is one of the 2 theaters built in the 19 century
Designed by the architect Gabriel Davioud for Baron Haussmann between 1860 and 1862 for the opera company more commonly known simply as the Théâtre Lyrique
The theatre first acquired the name Théâtre de la Ville in 1968. Since the late 70's, the institution produces a good quantity of dance shows being considered as a real international achievement in the field of contemporary dance. Over looks the town of marigot on the french side of saint martin
Its the largest historical monument on the island
It was originally built in 1767 to protect Marigot from foreign invaders.
The beautiful remains of the fort include original cannons, and the views from the fort are fantastic in all directions. Early 2oth century building
Courthouse was the scene of major trials in Martinique’s history Built in 1933
Listed as a historical monument in 1990. On April 8th, 1830, a slave boat was maneuvering in risky conditions off the coast of Diamant.
the boat was smashed up against the rocks at 11 pm.
46 bodies were found the next day and the boat was destroyed.
The sailors were buried in the Diamant cemetery, and the drowned Africans were buried not far from the coastline.
the memorial was created by Laurent Valère, a local artist. Nancy Y. Dulce F. Cesia C. Vincon A. Bryan P.
7th period By far the city’s most beautiful monument.
Designed by architect Henri Pick.
A contemporary of Gustave Eiffel and the Saint-Louis Cathedral designer.
Library was disassembled and transported to Martinique after serving as the Canada Pavilion at the 1898 World Expo. Schoelcher Library Located in Fort de France
Built in 1895. Saint-Louis Cathedral It is a 1/5 replica of the Montmartre Basilica in Paris. Le Sacre Couer de Balata Works citied http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/media/108230/St-Louis-Cathedral-Fort-de-France-Martinique
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