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No description

salwa hawanis

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of mydin

Background of Company Phase 1 Malaysian Subculture SWOT ANALYSIS * Mydin is a Malaysian Chain of hypermarket, supermarket & emporiums. It is notable for bringing local & overseas products at affordable prices catering to a large segment of Malaysian population. MYDIN : CASE STUDY The patronization of these subcultures are influenced by a few factors. The factors that have been identified are: Customer location of residence: Subang Jaya (15) , Puchong (7), Petaling Jaya (6), Shah Alam (2) MUHAMMAD TAUFIQ
AJIS ASFIAR HISTORY OF MYDIN The 1st shop was burnt down
during Japanese Occupation ~ that
was a turning point for MYDIN
family. * Life was tough in Kota Bharuwhen Tuan Mydin decided tostart all over in new place & newenvironment after World War 2. MYDIN Steping Out In 1990, the MYDIN Group decided to venture out of their home land. Thus the Jalan Masjid India outlet was their 1st Klang Valley branch. MYDIN’s Vision
“MYDIN is the World Leading Distributorof Competitive Halal Goods &Services” MISSION, VISION & SLOGAN The Mission
“We Aim to be the Leading Local Wholesale & Retail company by providing the Best Value for Money for the Best Assortment of Goods, by providing Service to Our Customers & by Striving forExcellence. We also aim to inspire moreMalaysians to open outlets with our own Proven Success Formula” The Slogan
“Why Pay More, Buy at Wholesale Price” From a Small Grocery Shop in Kota Bharu to a Major Key RetailPlayer in Malaysia ~ It is not an Overnight Job but through Handwork& Endurance going through the Challenges & Huddle it is Possible toAchieve the Dream AWARDS & TROPHIES Job specifications: Government servants (8), private sector workers (10), own business (6), retirees (6) STRENGTH
Cheap price
Established brand name
Neat and tidy arrangement of goods
Variation of goods sold
Equipped with enough workforce
Strategic location WEAKNESS
Some of the wholesale products are less quality
Too many foreign workers
Some of the products have no price tag and sign OPPORTUNITY
Expansion of company to South East Asia and other countries
Can come up with their own product.
Online markets THREAT
Competition from Giant and Summit USJ Subcultures Patronizing Mydin USJ 1 1) Location (Accessibility)2) Customer perception on Mydin3) Income status
we had also segmented the subcultures into 2 specific categories, which are the first segment is Malaysians, the second is non-Malaysians or foreigners. Patronization patterns: With family (18), alone (5), friends (7) Racial subculture: Malay (16), Chinese (5), Indian (8), Others (1) Religious subculture: Muslims (20), non-Muslims (10) Foreigner Subculture Customer location of residence: Subang Jaya (8), Puchong (5), Klang (2) Total respondents: 15 people Job specifications: Private sector workers (3), blue collar workers (12) Patronization patterns: With family (2), friends (13) Racial subculture: Indonesians (7), Bangladeshis (4), Nepalese (1), Australian (1), Filipino (2) Religious subculture: Muslims (11), non-Muslims (4) QUESTION 2 Customer Visits to Mydin Representation According to the
Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) QUESTION 1 * The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) is a dual process theory of how attitudes are formed and changed. There are two ways we make decisions and hence get persuaded: •When we are motivated and able to pay attention, we take a logical, conscious thinking, central route to decision-making. This can lead to permanent change in our attitude as we adopt and elaborate upon the speaker’s arguments.
•In other cases, we take the peripheral route. Here we do not pay attention to persuasive arguments but are swayed instead by surface characteristics such as whether we like the speaker. In this case although we do change, it is only temporary (although it is to a state where we may be susceptible to further change).
In the case of Mydin, ELM can be demonstrated by the illustration below: Message:
MYDIN Wholesale Emporium End of Year Promotion
QUESTION 4 What elements with regards to perception are used by Mydin for its marketing strategy 1. retail strategy
2. advertisement
3. linguistic considerations retail strategy the arrangement of the product

shelf position and space


ambient scent advertisement able to respond to promotional materials of their rivals, by setting up corresponding billboards and by buying similar advertisement placement in the newspapers and when the need rises. linguistic considerations Mydin's entrepreneurship vision takes a wholesome point of view, embracing the concept of halal products.

narrow definition


"MUSLIMS" store

the name of Mydin itself, denotes a muslim outlet Centralroute
route Avid fan and loyal customer of MYDIN. Very interested in the sale Knows what will be like at the sale, figures out the benefits that they will get in attending the sale (low prices on items) Continues to patronize MYDIN as a loyal
fan. Very defensive of the brand name Not a fan of MYDIN, and do not even
bother to look at the ad (low motivation) MYDIN is near to their house,
so it’s worth a try to go there.
(superficial processing) May patronize MYDIN for a short term period,
they are prone to switch to other
alternatives over time QUESTION 4 TVC for Mydin We had come up with the idea of a 30 second TV commercial promoting Mydin. Our approach is using a university student as our target audience.
Idea: A university student enters Mydin and begins to shop. He is enthusiastic of the prices offered by Mydin, and lastly invites the viewers to shop at Mydin.
Duration before broadcast edit: 44 seconds
Location of shooting: MyMydin Section 7
Talent: Taufiq Ibrahim
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