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Indian Culture

No description

Brianna Madera

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Indian Culture

Short Intro on India
India is one of the countries in South Asia. It is known for its kite shape in the world. Also, India is known for their spices and colorful festivals.
Women wear sashes and long skirts. Some of them also have trimmings and veils.

Language and Literature
Indian literature was famous in ancient times. Sanskrit was the language that some Ancient Indians spoke.
Indian Festivals
There are lots of festivals, in India. One of the famous festivals today in India is the Diwali Festival-the festival of light.
Indian Culture
It's Trivia Time!
What is the ancient language of India?
a. English

b. Chinese

c. Indian

d. Sanskrit
Name an example of a festival in India.
a. Christmas

b. Diwali

c. Halloween

d. Easter
What kind of clothes do women wear?
a. Barong Tagalog

b. T-Shirt & Jeans

c. Sashes & Long Skirts

d. Dress
Where is India located?
a. Asia

b. Philippines

c. USA

d. Europe
What do men wear in India?
a. Suit & Tie

b. Long sleeves

c. Robin Hood Costume

d. Long robes
Men wear long robes with or without colors, called sarongs. They also wear turbans.
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