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Old Yeller

No description

Amy Perrien

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Old Yeller

About the Author
Frederick Benjamin Gipson was born on February 7, 1908, in Mason, Texas, where his parents were farmers. He grew up hunting and fishing. After graduating from high school, he was a bookkeeper, goat herder, and bronco buster(a person who breaks horses). When he was in his twenties, he entered the University of Texas at Austin to study in writing. While at the university, he developed his talent for writing, and published his first short story, "HardPressed Sam,"
Before graduating, Gipson left the university to work full-time for a newspaper. In 1940 he married Tommie Eloise Wynn; they had two sons, Mike and Beck.
Fred Gipson has written the following:
Old Yeller, The Trail Driving Rooster, Recollection Creek, Cowhand, The Home Place, Hound-Dog Man, Fabulous Empire. Old Yeller Fred Gipson book by: prezi by: Natalie, Raveena, and, Wilson Five Figuative Language Examples Conflict Story Grammer: Title: Old Yeller
Setting: Nature/woods in Texas and Travis' house
Problem: Burn Sanderson attempts to take Old Yeller away from the family
Solution: The family made a trade with Burn Sanderson of a good meal so they could keep Old Yeller Main Characters Secodary Characters Travis (a young boy)
Little Arliss (the younger brother of Travis)
Old Yeller (the dog of the family)
Mom (the mom of the two boys) Bear
Bell (a dog that travis had but was killed by a cobra)
cobra (a snake that killed Bell)
Lisabeth (Daughter of Bud Searcy)
Bud Searcy (A stubern man)
Burn Sanderson ( someone who tried to take away Old Yeller )
Dad (The dad of the two boys) F

N un eady ntertaining og lover reat writer nteresting erfect uper dd OT normal Exaggeration: My leg swelled up until it was about as big as a butterchurn (p. 90)

Simile: A boy when he grows up is like a wild animal (p. 65)

Metaphor: I ran so fast that the changing light nearly blinded me (p.36)

Foreshadow: Theres a plague of hydophobia making the rounds I want you to be on the lookout for it (p. 63)

Theme: Being able to take care of the family and be the man of the house(p. 114-117) Character vs. Character: Travis fights for Old Yeller and makes a trade with Bud Searcy a good meal for Old Yeller (p. 59)

Character vs. Self: Deer runs away when Travis moved after he tried to shoot the deer Travis is mad at himself (p. 19)

Character vs. Nature: Travis has the courage to fight the bulls (p. 26-32)
Travis vs. Bulls

Character vs. Society: Travis did not go to school because he had to take care of his family which is against society (p. 6-114)
Travis vs. School Antagonist = Burn Sanderson

Protagonist = Travis
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